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Photo Credit: Zach Wolf

1) Tell us something about yourself your fans may not know.

A: I played on a soccer team in high school that won the state wide championship. I was big into sports.

2) How did you get into making hip-hop music?

A: I would freestyle at house parties all over New York City. Seeing friends reaction when I would say something real dope was like a drug. That’s why for me it can’t just be about a sound. The sound is one thing, but the content matters so much. I’m constantly living for that feeling of impressing someone enough to get a reaction.

3) Who did you listen to growing up that made you want to make music? Which of them have influenced your style and craft, if any?

A: Tupac. Black Star. Immortal Technique. Big L... those some baddddd dudes! Each and every one of them was a huge inspiration and each and every one of them has affected my style in their own way.

4) What is your creative process like? How do you go about creating a new song?

A: I turn on the music, I stare out of my window, and I zone out. I let the music speak to me and inspire me. Then I write about what it makes me remember about my own life. It’s trippy, haha.

5) What's one collaboration that you want that you haven't had yet?

A: YONAS feat. Jon Bellion

6) You were just on tour with Futuristic. How was the tour? What was your favourite stop on the tour?

A: Tour was great. Futuristic is a cool dude and the crowds had fun. I love performing so it was just a great opportunity to get back on the road. Can’t really say I had a favourite on this one, I enjoyed each city in a different way.

Photo Credit: Zach Wolf

7) Over your career, where would you say you've had the best experiences performing?

A: New York City. Hands down. It’s home. It was the start to my career. It’s where I’ve had some of my first shows at legendary venues that aren’t even around any more. That stuff can never be replaced. Your early days are your best days, when you’re carefree and there’s no pressure and you just do it for the love.

8) Would you say there's a connection between music and sports? If so, how do you feel that connection can help both industries?

A: Absolutely. The competitiveness. The attention to detail. The culture. We are the same warriors in different arenas. That’s why we can all hang out and why we all support each other, especially when there’s an athlete who came up from nothing and an artist who made his own way. That underdog spirit bridges the gap.

9) Are you interested in sports? If so, what's your favourite one to watch and who is your favourite team?

A: Favourite to watch on TV is definitely football. Favourite to play now is Basketball. Favourite team of all time has to be the Yankees.

10) What does YONAS have planned for the end of 2019?

A: I’ve dropped my last single for this year. Now is when all the big moves for 2020 are made. It’s about going to the war room with my team and planning music, videos, interviews, and touring for 2020.

11) When can fans expect the next single from you?

A: Music video January 2020. New single February 2020.

12) What can fans expect from you for 2020?

A: A complete take over. Expect to see my face a lot more, everywhere. It’s gonna be fun. I’m looking forward to this next year. Might just be the biggest one yet.

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