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1) Tell us something about yourself that your fans may not know.

A: We are always hungry. When we have a rehearsal or studio day planned we're always worried about whether or not there's enough food and snacks. If there isn't we MUST make a stop at the supermarket before starting the rehearsal.

2) How did all of you meet to form EUT?

A: Emiel, Megan, Tessa and Juen met each other in Amsterdam, because of mutual friends. We started the band about 7 years ago. We met David at a show in Berlin, he partied all night long with Emiel and they had a lot of fun. When our previous bass player quit the band, we immediately thought of David because he looks good in shorts.

3) Why was Step By Step one of the songs you wanted to release to help promote the album?

A: We think it's a really cool song that reflects the "new" sound of EUT. A bit more synthy and dark and sexy. Give it a listen, we're curious about what you think!

4) What was the inspiration behind the song?

A: Megan wanted to make a song where she really used her voice as an instrument. That's where the intro came from, that's her vocals sampled. Emiel made a simple beat on the electric drums and played some random chords, and there was the start of the song! Lyric wise we got the inspiration from someone very close to us. When you're not feeling well, mentally, sometimes there is the tendency to keep stuff to yourself. Step By Step is about opening up to people around you but most of all, being honest to yourself about what you want and what you need.

5) What can fans expect from your upcoming album Be My Reactor?

A: They can expect more intimate, emotional songs that are more personal than we dared before. Soundwise it's more dark, and less chaotic. We produced everything ourselves so it's a record very dear to us, we're very proud of it.

6) What was the process like putting together the album?

A: It was actually very fun because we wrote and recorded and produced everything ourselves. There was no rush from an expensive producer or studio. Some stuff was recorded in Emiel's bedroom during lockdown for example. We can't wait to share it with you!

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