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Capo Corleone

1) Tell us something about yourself that your fans may not know.

A: I am named after the country singer Waylon Jennings. My real name is Waylon Barnes.

2) You've had success in management already - what made you want to make your own

music as well?

A: I started out as a musician way before I dipped my toes into the management pool. I had a

period where I took a hiatus from releasing music and started C2 Management because I

wholeheartedly knew what the modern musician needed from understanding my own needs as

an artist. Who knows what an artist needs more than another artist?

Making music is an addiction when you love it, so although I am highly successful as a music

manager, I have no way of turning off my creation habit. Naturally, I kept recording music and I

found it an incredible disservice to myself and my fans to not continuously release what I was

making. Simply put, I love both sides of music; the side of the creator and the music executive.

3) Who are some artists who have influenced your musical style?

A: I am hugely influenced by West Coast Hip-Hop. Growing up just north of Los Angeles in the 90s

and living in San Francisco as a young adult, I was constantly influenced by a lot of 90’s G-Funk

and Bay Area artists. Artists like E-40, Snoop Dogg, 2pac, Nate Dogg, Warren G, Dr. Dre, Mac

Dre, Daz, and Kurupt to name a few. I also really dig alot of midwest rappers for their quick

delivery, especially artists like Tech N9ne and Eminem.

4) What's your musical journey been like since you started your own career?

A: I started making music pretty early in life but really didn’t have a full-fledged career that actually

made money until 2018. I had always been successful as a music executive but my actual

musical career as an artist was lacking. In 2018, my publishing and production company

Tree4ort landed some huge placements with well-known hip-hop artists and influencers like

Trippie Redd and Jake Paul.

I had initially started the company and music studio in order to create my own music but saw

tremendous success working with other artists both producing and also with management and


It wasn’t until my song “Nina Brave” did extremely well in Germany that I started to really grow a

fan base and attract attention.

In 2021, my song “Suge White” charted above industry favorites like Eminem, Drake, and Kanye

West. It was an amazing accolade I was extremely proud of.

Now in 2022, I truly feel like I am making the best music of my life and can’t wait for the world to

hear the rest of my project with Kuba Więcek. “Brakes” is just the beginning.

5) What's the biggest difference you've noticed from management to having your own


A: As a manager, I am making decisions together with my artists. As a musician, it is extremely

difficult to separate Capo the artist, and Waylon the manager because I am acting both as the

manager of Capo and as the artist. I think the difference between the two is that it’s hard for me

to make decisions objectively because I am too close to my own art to always see clearly.

6) What was the inspiration behind your single Brakes?

A: The inspiration from “Brakes” was born from being on the road. I was at the end of a

three-month stay in Europe in January of 2022 and had only been back home in Los Angeles for

maybe four months between 2021 - 2022.

I was beginning to feel more at home traveling than being back at home in LA.

When I was finally able to meet Kuba in Warsaw after working together digitally for two years,

his production brought this nomadic feeling out into my lyrics in a way that had been authentic to

my life state. “I’ve been running with no brakes on” was the first thing out of my mouth at the

beginning of the session and it was really easy to follow that feeling. That was ultimately the


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