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Gathering of Strangers

1) Tell us something about yourself that your fans may not know.

A: We got our name from a piece of artwork by an artist called ‘Nathan Coley’ - having all come from different areas of the country to eventually meet in Manchester, this phrase perfectly described how we first formed as a band. You could actually say we were band mates before we were friends.

2) How did all of you meet to form the band?

A: We were all so drawn to Manchester for its culture and history of Music. Having all individually craved to be in a band, it was obvious that sooner or later we would come across musicians with mutual desires - and this is us. Our own individual love for music (we think) is what keeps us so strong as a band and the reason we still love doing it just as much as we did on day one.

3) What's been the biggest challenge of working together as a whole?

A: We very rarely come across challenges but if I was to pick one that stands out, it would be trying to keep a straight face on 5 lads for promo shots. Even though I (Conor) am a sucker for a good pose, for every serious photo you see, there is 100 others where Tom can’t help himself and makes everyone laugh. That being one of our challenges is why I count myself lucky to be in a band with these boys.

4) What was the inspiration behind your single Red and Gold?

A: Red & Gold is simply about having the time of your life with your loved ones all summer long. For some reason I was craving this summer so bad and I couldn’t wait to make the most of it with everyone. We wanted to write this song to share that excitement and love with everyone and hoped our listeners would feel the same emotion when listening and dancing to the track.

5) What was the most fun part you guys enjoyed about filming the music video?

A: The music video was so last minute and that was the whole beauty of it. A couple of days before we noticed on the weather app that it was going to be a heatwave and we took that opportunity as we knew it would perfectly depict what the whole song is about. Without a care in the whole we just took a camera and ourselves and danced on a beautiful beach until the sun went down. Without any special effects or green screens, we were about the capture exactly what we wanted to portray in our lyrics. The whole authenticity of the video is what makes that moment so very special.

6) What's next for you as 2022 comes to a close?

A: We’ll be using the rest of the year to get our songs ready to bring you song after song in 2023. We’ve loved the support we’ve got from this release, so we’re using that momentum to bring you a whole lot more in the new year.


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