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Win & Woo 2.0

1) Since we last spoke in Toronto you guys dropped a new single, went on tour with Whethan amongst other things. What's that been like?

A: Its been a great year! Had some amazing shows/ making tons of new music.

2) How would you say Win & Woo has grown since we last spoke?

A: Well, a lot has changed. Nick moved to LA which has been an adjustment but a positive one. Woo just got engaged, id say we are both growing up bit and ready to take our career to the next level. We are constantly writing and improving our skills, and our live show feels better than it ever has.

3) How did you enjoy tour with Whethan? What was your favourite part about it?

A: We had so much fun on this tour, met so many new friends/fans. It was our third true tour so i feel like we were well adjusted to the lifestyle. We also played 90% of our own music which felt really good. Overall and amazing run.

4) You mentioned that you played strictly your own music when you were on tour with Whethan. How did people react to that? How was it knowing people could vibe to just your music for a whole set?

A: As stated above, we really enjoyed the response we saw from it. Def something we will continue to do as much as we can.

5) What was it like performing at your old University & in Chicago where you both started?

A: It was so great to be back at ISU. So many memories there. Always a special feeling.

6) Is the hometown vibe different?

A: Every show is different to us tbh. We love that about touring. Not one feels the same.

7) It's been a while since you guys released something, did you guys take time to rework your sound or were you just waiting to craft the 'perfect' song?

A: We have just decided to slow our release schedule down just a bit. Yes to make the music the best it can be, also to let the other tracks breath a little. We will be mixing it up with some soundcloud releases in addition to continuing Win.Woo.Repeat.

8) Do you have new singles in the works? When can we expect them?

A: Well we just released Satisfied, which is a track hinting towards our new focus. We have been digging deep into the Win and Woo sound and working hard on creating a body of work. Satisfied is a good representation of that direction.

9) Do you have any collaborations coming up in the future or will it be mainly just Win & Woo singles?

A: We have been working with so many talented artists this year. Next year will be full of collaborations.

10) What plans do you guys have for 2019? More singles, tours/shows, etc?

A: Our biggest focus at the moment is the music. We aim to put out a body of work in 2019 that truly encompass us at people and musicians. Its all coming together :)

11) Are there any plans for a Win & Woo headline tour in the future?

A: That is always a goal of ours, we are just waiting for the right moment. Would make sense after an EP or something. We are working on it :)

12) When can we see Win & Woo back in Canada?

A: No plans yet, but we will be back next year. Promise ;)

13) Have you guys had a chance to wear our L2T1 shirts anywhere?

A: They are super comfy :) we wear them around the house all the time. Our girlfriends love them also. Thank you!

14) What's next for the two of you?

A: A refined Win and Woo body of work <3

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