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Vee Tha Rula

1) We like to start off by having you tell us something about yourself that your fans may not know.

A: I brush my teeth after every meal.

2) How did you get into music? Where did it all begin for you?

A: My whole family is deeply rooted in music and music culture. Always music playing, always music debates. Family cookouts, Sunday mornings, weekend parties. Music has just been in my ear since a kid. I don't know, I came out the womb wanting to be somebody. Music was always in me and I met this kid in high school who had a computer and a headset mic. From that DAY forward I never stopped.

3) Who had an influence on you growing up musically-speaking - How would you say that has been influenced your music?

A: All the goats, the legends. PAC, Jay Z, Mase, Cam, Biggie, DMX, Wu Tang, Nas etc. Keeps me a spitter, keeps me a lyricist, keeps me wanting to make my music sound like movies. Ghetto stories and come up stories painted like a picture instead of this pop tart shit out now. I fuck with it though, I like to get drunk to it, vibe to it & all that lol. It’s just not the music I personally make and those artists helped install that in me.

4) What is the grind of the come-up like as an artist?

A: Man that shit sucks! Straight up, fuckin sucks. You have your aha moments where it’s amazing but that’s what it is, a grind. The whole game has changed. Don’t even get into it if u not 100% committed to being a great artist. But, hopefully, soon, I can reflect on that grind and it will be probably one of my favorite parts. Just to remember where you come from u know?

(video via DatPiff/YT)

5) Your latest EP Beacon was incredible all way through. How long have you been working on it & how long did it take for it all to come together?

A: Thank you. I got off asap ferg tour. That helped creatively put me in a cool place and if you add up all the days recording, it took me about a week or two to do and of course a little more time for the features to come in. The response is crazy - I knew it would be.

6) Was there anything or anyone else you wish you could've had on it?

A: I mean of course, a million artists. Working with the fire ass relationships and connects I got now though. Just gon' keep movin!

7) How is the Hip Hop scene in Arizona - more specifically Phoenix where you reside?

A: It’s rising I think. Shit, it’s actually amazing compared to a lot of other places. As far as kids actually trying.

8) How has the music scene in Arizona grown since you began your career?

A: It’s been like a rollercoaster but it’s growin. Artists like me and futuristic have played a big part, as well as guys like bootlegkev and Justus, Madd rich and John blaze. We movin.

9) What made you sign with Kid Ink and Tha Alumni?

A: They fucked with me. They real ass niggaz and they fucked with me. Didn’t want money, nothin, just believed in me. That’s why. Till death no matter what too.

10) How has the partnership worked out for you?

A: Cant really ask for more than an opportunity and chance to learn and grow. And that’s what I’m doing. So perfect I guess. All I ever wanted was a squad and to have an opportunity. It's all I need so it’s dope.

11) Who are some of your favourite producers to work with right now? How easy is it to go into the studio with them and lay down a new track?

A: I rarely am in the studio with producers. Pretty much an email game. My boy Tony Choc though, the fuckin legend Mr. Choc who did “Believe it”. We always in the studio goin through beats and cookin up. I also fuck with Supe, flames, he did a few joints but did the “Big Bang” record. Eriek OTB, he’s fuckin fire too. Did a bunch for me. Shit fuse from 808 mafia. Bruh, pretty much anyone I’ve put a record publicly out with is fuckin fire I don’t fuck with no busters.

12) What future projects can we expect from Vee Tha Rula? What do you have planned for 2019?

A: Shit we ain’t even done with 18! Dropping another album in December. More videos. Hopefully top of 2019 we do a major tour and then probably my own tour bigger and better. And then u know past that, “sky’s the limit!”

13) What plans do you have for tour whether it's the end of this year or in 2019?

A: Tryna tour all year. Nothing currently planned just about two tours in talks, we’ll see. Tryna pretty much live on the road though.

14) What is your ultimate goal for your music career?

A: I wanna be one of if not THE best ever and I wanna make a billion dollars doing it. Not just to be rich, but so me and my people straight for life. Even to help the world, even if it’s just a small part. I wanna be the greatest in every aspect.

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