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Tyke T

1) Tell us something about yourself that your fans may not know.

A: My fans might not know that my favorite show growing up was "The Simpson's." I rewatched a few of the episodes on Disney Plus recently (yea I got disney Plus, fight me lol). Anyways, the show is still a classic.

2) How has being from Memphis had an impact on your music style?

A: So I'm not originally from Memphis, but I've been here for the last almost 9 years . What I can say is that being here in Memphis has impacted my style in so many ways. Memphis is a city full of hustlers, so I think just being in the city makes you have that sense of grind and it always will be in my music.

3) A lot of people sleep on the Memphis music scene. How would you describe it?

A: I don't think you can sleep on the Memphis music scene. It's literally running the sound of hip hop music. That's how I would describe the scene, it's running the game right now, and it doesn't look like it's going to let up anytime soon.

4) What was the inspiration behind your latest single 'Countdown?'

A: Man my manager challenged me to write something for the ladies. She said something along the lines of "Can you even write a song like that anymore?"  and i took it personally, lol. I take pride in my pen game so I just used my muse that I have around me, which is my wife.I just wanted us to get ready for a weekend of fun, no worries, no issues .. just a good time. So it's about counting down to that release of F*CK SHIT! lmao 

5) How much harder is it to chart on Billboard without the help of a major label backing you?

A: Man I don't know, I've never been signed to a label so I don't know if it's a team of people on a label or is it still just the artist pushing by themselves even when they get signed. I can say this though, the shit ain't easy. If you want to chart Billboard, with a direct to fan strategy takes putting a plan in place and following through. When you want to quit, you still have to keep going. Like you have to keep telling yourself over and over, I will meet this goal, and just keep going after it.

6) What's your brand 'Driven' about?

A: My Brand driven is everything to me. Before I even had a song out I created the brand DrivenByMusic, that we later shortened to Driven. In this game you have to have something that people can remember long after the music stops spinning, and for me that's what "Driven" is . It symbalizes never giving up on your dreams. Keep going always!

7) What's next for you heading towards the end of 2020?

A: 2020 is about promoting this album "R.O.N.A" . I have to get more people to hear it. It's an incredible album that embodies continuing to push through. I'm truly thankful to have made it to the end of this project and have it released during a pandemic. I really don't take that for granted and looking for my sync opportunities and placements. As the tv industry reopens, I want to be at the top of mind when projects are being cued up and they need music. 

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