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The Auxiliary

1) What's something about yourself that your fans may not know?

A: I'm an amateur builder - working on a studio build out right now.

2) How did being from a musical family inspire you to get into music?

A: Being from a family of professional musicians, It was just the atmosphere and the topic of conversation. I essentially grew up backstage and while I knew I didn't want to be in an orchestra, making music always came naturally. It was my default mode of expression.

3) What went into your debut single 'Overture?'

A: Overture was the result of a conscious change in the way I make music. It was the first time I used a midi keyboard, synths, and samples instead of strumming a guitar and building it up from there. I felt the need for a fresh start and I needed to upend my methods to get there. Basically a lot of trial and error and just building a sonic palette that spoke to me.

4) What went into the process of choosing what single you wanted to use as your debut?

A: I've been in music long enough to know that it takes a long time to build the foundation, no matter how quickly an artist takes off. I have songs coming that have stronger hooks, and more traditional song structures and radio friendly arrangements, but I chose Overture because of what it represents. It is the beginning. It is the Overture to a whole universe of songs that will come out over the next couple of years. Plus I think Overture is one of a kind and speaks to the audience that I want to bring into this new universe.

5) What was it like performing as support for a variety of artists including The Lumineers, Howie Day, Teddy Geiger & more?

A: That era of my career was fabulous. They were all gracious and a good hang. I did a lot of shows with Teddy and Howie and got to build relationships with a lot of great fans. I can't wait to tour again, but this time I'll be bringing a band and putting on a much bigger show.

6) What's next for you in 2022?

A: More music. There is a lot in the pipeline that I can't wait for people to hear.

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