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Rico Rich

1) What's something about yourself that your fans may not know?

A: Many people might not know but I'm actually a huge fan of anime! I've seen over 100 shows and I've learned so many life lessons from it that has definitely been reflected upon in my music.

2) When did you first get into making music?

A: I started making music in the summer of 2019 but before then I always found myself in the studio, around individuals who were also trying to make music and that definitely inspired me to create my own.

3) Who are some artists who have influenced your music style, if any?

A: Artists who have influenced my music style would have to be Drake, Bryson Tiller, 6lack and Jack Harlow. I just love how they don't put themselves in a certain box when it comes to using different sounds and beats. My lyrics are very personal and relatable just like those individuals as well.

4) What goes into your process when in the studio?

A: When I'm creating, I try not to focus on "making hits" and just speak from my heart and express how I'm feeling in that exact moment in time. I feel this makes my songs much more relatable, which makes for timeless music. Many of my song's hooks are freestyled as well. When I first hear the beat, I come up with any melodies I can create in my head, then fill it in with words that might relate to the mood of the beat.

5) If you could have 1 collaboration for the rest of your career, who would it be?

A: If I could have one collaboration, it would most definitely be Drake. Him being from Canada has inspired me so much and I always felt there was room for Canadians in the music industry thanks to him. He also kickstarts people's careers when he features on their track and that is something I currently am in need of.

6) What's next for you heading into 2021?

A: Heading into 2022, I am going to continue focusing on growth and creating genuine connections with new fans and other fellow artists. I plan on dropping music once a month starting in January as well.

Follow Rico Rich:

Instagram - @ricorich10


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