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Rich James

1) Tell us something about yourself that your fans may not know.

A: I was actually in a rock/heavy metal band as lead guitarist before I ever got into Electronic/Deep House music production. So the complete opposite really from Electronic production haha!

2) How did you get into producing electronic music?

A: A few years ago I heard a song on the radio here in the UK called Philip George - Wish You Were Mine and I don't know what it is about it but it just really grabbed my attention to the point where I wanted to be able to make this style of music myself, so I began watching YouTube tutorials and that's how it all started.

3) If you could describe your sound in 2 words what would you say?

A: Vibey, uplifting

4) What can fans expect from a Rich James track?

A: Fans can expect catchy vocals and a commercial relatable feel-good vibe that can be played anywhere, club, in the car, chilling at home.. you name it!

5) You recently released your track On My Own with Pyro. How did this come about?

A: We both actually released a track around the same time signed to Steve Void's 'Strange Fruits' label. So he reached out to me on instagram, I already had a vocal idea ready and I sent over to him a base idea, he got back to me with a really sweet Deep House melody and it went from there! The track only actually took a whole day to produce. We were super inspired that day.

6) How do you come up with an idea for a new track?

A: It usually differs for how I come up with ideas for a new track. Driving for me is the best place because I'm always listening to music when I'm driving and I can gather up a lot of inspiration and really listen to the music and enjoy it, so when I get home, I'll open up my software straight away and get down any new ideas I have.

7) What's your favourite track you've produced so far?

A: My personal fave track I've produced so far would have to be 'Promises' I don't know what it is about it but while I was composing that one, I just really felt some kind of connection to it, whereas with other tracks I've written before, I've not got that same kind of vibe from them. So it's hands down, 'Promises'!

8) When can we expect the next Rich James release?

A: I just released my new song on June 7th!

9) What plans do you have for 2019?

A: My plan since the start of 2019 was to just remain as active as possible, release as much original music as possible and keep making people happy with what I release. So far, so good!

10) If you could collaborate with 1 artist who would it be?

A: It would have to be Calvin Harris, producer wise. The guy is an absolute genius and he inspires me a lot.

11) Name 1 festival you want to perform at in 2020.

A: Creamfields 2020 would be awesome.

Follow Rich James:

Instagram - @richjmusic

Spotify - Rich James


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