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Rancid Eddie

1) Tell us something about yourself that your fans may not know.

A: Andy: Ummmm. Oh fuck. I don’t know? I started growing chest hair when I was 5? Ummmm… I can do a back flip off a roof. And when I go swimming I don’t kick my legs.

2) How did the 5 of you meet to form Rancid Eddie?

A: Andy: Regretfully, we were all applicants for big brother and met in the waiting room. None of us got selected. So we formed Rancid Eddie.

3) What's the studio process like when writing a new song and having 5 different inputs?

A: Andy - Surprisingly smooth, kind of like your favourite tequila. (Matt hearing Andy answer questions)

Matt - “tequila is never smooth!”

Andy - Well yeah, Getting it in is okay, Getting it down is a bit of a struggle, but at the end of the day it’s all good times.

4) How has TikTok helped you guys promote yourselves?

A: Andy - How good is Tik Tok?!?!

(Ed jumps in on the interview)

Ed - Andy is on there 24/7

Matt - Yeah, We lost our drummer to Tik Tok.

Andy - Yeah, Tik Tok is like going to the zoo, there is a lot of shit you don’t need to see, but sometimes you stumble across a good one.

5) Describe your sound for people who haven't heard it yet.

A: Ed - Woooooooooooah and Do do do do do do do.

Andy - Listening to Rancid Eddie music for the first is like speaking to the cops, it’s can only go one of two ways.

Matt - Nah it’s more like getting a bag in the smokers area at your local pub, you don’t know what you’ll get.

(Ash walks in and Andy asks him the question)

Ash - Fuck!… Um… Feels good? I don’t know? I’m bad at interviews.

6) What does the band have coming up heading towards the end of 2022?

A: Andy - Our forecast is adding some more shows with a slight chance of cancellation on the east coast, and probably keep working on our album in the studio.

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