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1) Tell us something about yourselves that your fans may not know.

A: I (Tanner) am getting married to my longtime fiance Ariana Johnson in November. That is something I haven't spoken about in an interview before, so I'm very excited for fans to know!

2) How did the two of you meet and come together to create Rags and Riches?

A: Peyton and I(Tanner) are brothers, so we met long ago. Haha. Although, it wasn't until 2017 when we started writing and making music together for RAGS AND RICHES.

3) How have the two of you grown and learned how to create new music better since forming the duo?

A: I would say all of our skills and understanding of the music industry has grown tremendously. We can sit down now and knock things out in no time, which at the start was very difficult.

4) When did you start creating the album Always Gold? What was the inspiration behind it?

A: The album "Always Gold" actually is a ton of songs we have written since 2017. Some of these songs were the very first songs we wrote, but we held onto them until we had the proper fanbase and marketing team to promote the songs best!

5) What was the track that you had the most fun making on the album?

A: I (Tanner) would have to say "Mind Control". The rap section in that section is probably one of my favorite things I have ever written or recorded. Peyton would definitely say "Victim" because of the industrial vibe, almost like a Kanye track.

6) What's next for you after the release of your album?

A: We have a ton of new songs and collabs with other artists coming this year. We also plan on doing a ton of more shows and festivals this year.


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