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Niall McNamee

1) Tell us something about yourself that fans may not know.

A: I’ve been playing music as my job for years. When I first came to London I worked in many jobs but mostly supported myself working on building sites and playing music in pubs during the evenings. I say this for balance as I think a lot of people look like one day a flick was switched and someone becomes a recording artist.

2) What was the inspiration behind your single 'All I Need?'

A: Anti-War. It’s not about any particular war (which I’ve tried to convey in the music video) but generally the feeling that working class men losing their lives to other working class men because of the orders of millionaires is wrong.

3) What was it like working alongside Jackie Chan?

A: Mad! And brilliant. He was so kind and hard working that the whole experience was a dream from start to finish… (Apart from being smashed through that table!)

4) Has being from Ireland made it harder for you to develop your music career?

A: I’m Irish but I was born in Leicester in England. I think the difficulty being Irish or any nationality in England or America is that from time to time you can feel slightly stereotyped (shall we say) example an English songwriter who plays acoustic guitar and sings love songs would be called ‘a singer songwriter’ and Irish songwriter who plays acoustic guitar and songs love songs would be called a ‘folk artist.’

5) How have you had to adapt your career with the pandemic?

A: I won’t lie, it has been difficult. At first adapting was okay because it was new and there was time to record and write. As it’s gone on I think all musicians feel that perhaps things won’t return to normal which is a really difficult thing to consider.

6) What's next for you as you continue to grow as an artist?

A: I’m the lead in a film next year called ‘Love Without Walls’ about a struggling singer songwriter who falls on hard times. The soundtrack to the movie is all of my own songs so I’m delighted that it’ll be out in 2022.

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