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Natalie Shay

1) Tell us something about yourself that fans may not know.

A: Hopeless musicals addict. Half Greek half asleep. Lunchables connoisseur. Beyond that, trying to keep my powder dry :)

2) Describe your creative process when you write new music.

A: Get all up in my feelings then drag the guitar out lol. I always write from experience and real thoughts/emotions. It really depends on the song, but usually get the melody before the lyrics.

3) What's the best piece of advice you've been given about your music or the industry?

A: Work hard and be nice to people. Gig until it hurts whilst writing with as many people as possible. Beyond that all your choices are half chance, but so are everybody else's. Trying to stay as authentic as possible.

4) What's the inspiration behind your latest release Two Sparks?

A: 'Two Sparks' was my first release of what you might call a ballad, I wanted to write about something a bit deeper and more complex than my first EP 'Naked'. I recorded the vocals in Manchester with my producer friend Will, who I also did 'Medicine Boy' with, before finishing it off with Kaity Rae at her studio in North London. The song is about how good things can change, left waiting for a relationship to end because you both realized you want something else.

5) What's your favourite part about being an artist?

A: Chasing the dream innit. I hope my music touches the right people, and can help someone come to a realization or deal with some emotion. That's what all the best music did for me.I really just love how many people I meet through it.

6) What's next for you as an artist?

A: A bunch of festivals this summer then my second EP, with another single asap. I just released a track with Giuseppe Ottaviani called 'Replay'. I also want to get something else out before my birthday in November, which for the second year running is the same week as my London headline show lol.

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