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Myles Lloyd

1) What's something about yourself that fans may not know?

A: That I'll be their favorite artist one day.

2) How has being from Canada had an impact on your music style, if at all?

A: Being from Canada definitely makes me go harder because of the talent that's constantly coming out. I'm inspired by those that are from where I'm from.

3) How do you feel the internet has helped artists outside of the US to grow their platforms and get noticed?

A: There are so many platforms to get your music out now. The internet is your best friend as an artist.

4) What was the inspiration behind your video to Down Under?

A: I wanted to give every viewer a virtual psychedelic trip from northern Laval to Montreal.

5) You've been on a hot run after garnering over 3 million streams across platforms. How do you plan to keep it going and continue building your fanbase?

A: A lot more music and a lot more visuals all year long.

6) What was the inspiration behind your album 'Forever Yours?'

A: Forever, Yours is about wounds that were set aside and hoped to be forgotten but then realizing they'll never leave you. Especially if you loved and lost. That love is forever.

7) Which artists have had an impact on your music style from listening to them while growing up?

A: I will always give praise to Micheal Jackson and Prince and my top two. From the music to the aesthetic they brought with them.

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Twitter - @IAmMylesLloyd

Instagram - @IAmMylesLloyd

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