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1) Tell us something about yourself that your fans may not know.

A: I'm deathly allergic to nuts of all kinds *pauses for laughs* but seriously.. Also I write produce and record my own vocals for all of my music. Also I don’t like smoking papers.

2) You just released your single 'Stay FLYY.' How did this song come about?

A: Funny I made that song top of this year, I really wanted to make a fun summer urban pop anthem that girls would wanna sing along too. Women make the world go round ;)

3) Where are you from and how has it had an influence on your music style?

A: I'm from the South Side of Chicago born and raised. That is definitely responsible for a lot of my production trends and my ear for and love of soul and r&b. Also the influences of all the greats who came out of the city. I also lived in Atlanta for a few years when I was 12 and signed with Jermaine Dupri. I lived with him and Janet Jackson for a few years and this also had a huge influence, I was there during the creation of the confessions album as well as the emancipation of mimi album which had single like we belong together and shake it off etc. Also I’ve been fortunate to be in the studio with everyone from David Guetta to NO I.D. to The Stereotypes all this created a very eclectic way of how I look at and hear music.

4) Who are your musical influences?

A: Too many to name because everyone has influenced me in some way at some point but key stand out one would be Prince, Sly Stone, Max Martin, Stevie Wonder, NO I.D., Q-tip, Dr. Luke.

5) What's the first album you ever owned and how did you get it?

A: First album I ever owned was probably a Michael Jackson of Prince CD that my dad got me before I could speak lol First I remember though listening to in my cd player on field trips was Clipse Young and Thuggin, that album was an early introduction to “Startrak” production.

6) What is your favourite rap song of all-time?

A: Tough one… 93’ till infinity - Souls of Mischief... The Light - Common.. Wouldn’t You Like To Ride - Malik Yusef Kanye WEST Common

7) What are your top 3 albums ever?

A: Albums I can just let ride from top to bottom my favorites are:

Songs in the Key of Life

The Blueprint

Sia - Colour

The Small One

Sia - Some People Have Real Problems (The SIA albums are a toss up everything she made prior to 2010 or pre titanium was incredible)

8) Who is someone you want to collaborate with in the future?

A: Jeremih


Max Martin

Tory Lanez


Metro Boomin

Lil Baby

9) How would you describe your musical style?

A: Eclectic, I like making and enjoying music of any and all genres and I feel I bring some of that to each song I produce write or record. Somehow my sound is cohesive but never too down the middle of one genre.

10) How would you say you differ from other artists?

A: I don’t need 4 people in the studio to make a song that's what I always admired about Prince. I always say him and Michael were incredible.. but if you put prince in a room by himself he could walk out with a full song played recorded written finished. Even a Michael couldn’t do that so I always thought that is a major piece that makes me who I am. Also the cross branding of if you don’t love the music you just might like a movie or TV show I’m in as well. That's a cool piece that not every artist has also.

11) What are your thoughts on the current state of hip-hop?

A: I think we should begin classifying Hip Hop and Rap separately. I would say that what 90% of people rhyming words in popular culture are “Rappers” Hip Hop should be reserved for the J. Cole, Jay-z, Kendrick, Qtip, Common crowd. Dance music as a whole as over 100 sub genres but you mean to tell me Lil Xan and Nas are both “Hip hop” artist? I'm going to need some better categorizing lol. I do think we are in an awesome space though.. where people aren’t hung up as much on boundaries in music which is nice.

12) What plans do you have for the rest of 2019?

A: More shows, WAV GOD VOL 2 Tape Dropping in a month, more movies on the way if you haven’t seen “Thriller” the recent Blumhouse movie I'm in on Netflix please go check that out. Have another project with Ludacris and Terry Crews also dropping soon.


Twitter - @maestroharrell

Soundcloud - @maestroharrell

Instagram - @maestro

Spotify - @maestro


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