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1) Tell us something about yourself that fans may not know.

A: I am a gigantic nerd. Like really big. I love anime, video games, musicals, professional wrestling. All of it is good and I like it.

2) You recently released your single 'The Worst Thing.' What was the inspiration behind this?

A: The Worst Thing came to be by way of a very unpleasant resurgence of a past relationship gone sour. I spent some time away from this particular person, and had done a lot of healing and growth, only to let them back in and find so much of my progress reversed. This song describes that time in my life.

3) How do you find inspiration for a new track or project?

A: I pull almost all of my inspiration from heartbreak. It sounds so typical, but if I break it down, it really makes sense. I am a very outspoken person about my emotions, however I have always had trouble dealing with heartbreak. To me, my songs are sort of a one way conversation, where I can say anything I FEEL and be able to just let it out as honestly as I can. I sometimes don't even understand how I feel about a situation or a person until it manifests into a song. Lyrics sometimes will just appear in my head, and I just translate them onto paper, and I'll read them back after they're written and have this sort of "oh so that's how I'm feeling" moment. My second single off LUMiNADE is a song called 2 BLiND HORSES, which the melody and lyrics just appeared in my head in the shower. Before the song was even written I was singing it in the shower word for word, as if It was a song I had already been listening to for years.

4) How does where your from influence your music style?

A: I don't think where I am from geographically influences my musical style much at all. The only thing I would say is that the people I grew up around and made friends with had an influence on the music I listened to. I was raised on The Beatles from a very young age, and so I think a deep love of melodic alternative style pop music was imprinted on me. I listened to pop-punk and emo music a lot in high school, and I think that had a big influence on my sound. That was the spark for me realizing that I could write music that was super personal, and use it as an outlet to express myself in a way that was enjoyable and felt like a release.

5) Why did you consider yourself to be the worst influence for yourself?

A: We can be our own worst enemy, or our own best friend. I have struggled with focusing on and highlighting the negative aspects of my life. It’s a vicious cycle. Once you give a negative situation or thought your attention, it can very easily snowball into bigger and bigger issues. One of the best outlets for me has been my music. It allows me to take negative parts of my life and release them in a way that is artistic and freeing. Singing about my struggles and putting somber lyrics to fun and upbeat music, and performing these songs in front of people that can relate but also want to let loose.

6) What type of vibe will your EP LUMiNADE have?

A: LUMiNADE is going to be unique. One characteristic I have always maintained, from my earliest days as a musician, is that I value variety and freedom of creative expression. The sounds and vibes each of the tracks have are very individual and separate from one another. I enjoy crafting my own lane and not fitting perfectly into a pre-designated spot that I'm just taking from the last similar artist to occupy until the next one comes. I want to forge my space in the world of music and hold it for as long as I have the good fortune to. So to put it simply, it will have a lot of vibes, which is well... my vibe!

7) What are your goals for 2020?

A: I am very intent on releasing a lot of music this year. I want to create a large body of work for listeners to consume and connect with. I want to take these songs and go on tour, as often as possible. My favorite part of being an artist is that incomparable moment when you connect with a live audience. The feeling that occurs when you are singing, and the crowd is singing back at you, and it just transcends any other form of language. This song that manifested through you and made its way to the ears and hearts of someone else, that made them want to spend money on a ticket, show up to this show, all just for this moment when they get to sing their favorite parts as loud as they can along with you. So my biggest goal is to tour, and tour often.

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