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Lucy Wroe

1) What is something about yourself that your fans might not know?

A: Crowd noise of any kind makes me cry unless I’m the one on stage. In a crowd, crowds in films, crowds in the distance; they all make me sob.

2) What was the inspiration behind your EP ‘Same World’?

A: This EP is based around that little well of sadness that I think is within everyone, and how I tried to fill it by investing my time in short relationships. In the end, I kind of lost touch with myself and had to take a moment to reconnect and find that emotional balance on my own. So each song describes a different phase of a new relationship, ending in that moment of self-reflection.

3) How hard was it for you to choose which songs you wanted to include in the project?

A: Originally the EP didn’t include Want You Back. In its place was a third track with a similar sound to Same World, and a piano-based ambient track that we recorded live. As soon as Want You Back was written in September, it was definitely hard to choose between the original set of songs that I had set my mind on, and this very new pop sound.

4) How would you describe the sound of the EP to those who haven’t heard it yet?

A: The Same World EP is a short, sleek collection of songs that are centred around jazzy melodies and groovy drum rhythms. It’s like Lianne La Havas meets Haim at a club with ‘Forget Me Nots’ playing in the background.

5) Who are some artists you enjoyed growing up that inspired your sound?

A: I was surrounded by 80s pop stars like George Michael, Madonna and Tears For Fears which definitely played into the way I write and structure my music. I was shamelessly a girls aloud mega fan for a good few years so no doubt that all-out pop had some influence on why I like my catchy pop melodies, hooks and harmonies.

6) If you could have one feature for the rest of your career, who would it be?

A: Kevin Morby.

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