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1) Tell us something about yourself that your fans may not know.

A: I'll make you the dankest meatloaf you've ever eaten.

2) Where are you from?

A: Brampton, Ontario. Right down the street from memorial arena.

3) How did you get into producing?

A: I had quite a musical childhood and used to produce on this rock game in new grounds where you could make rock beats was either summer of or after 2006 and then my brother showed me what fruity loops and i downloaded it later in 08.

4) What inspired you to produce music?

A: I listened to A LOT of music, from Pendulum to Billy Talent, Gorillaz - a lot of Lil Wayne and jerk music was pretty inspiring. Cool Kids are my shit, Swizz Beats and Pharrell and even The Neptunes, Timbaland, the list goes on and on - but those are some big ones. Lots of old stuff too, one time my cousin put like 3000+ records on my computer after he fixed it up, put me onto Tribe, Wu-Tang, Nas, Biggie, Jurassic 5 this folder was huge and it was a whole new universe of music and golden era hip hop and boom bap became like my go to. Shout out my cousin Josh aka Massive Gritty. A big thing was scouring the internet for sounds and that would usually get me mad stoked to play around in fl.

5) Does your family have any musical background?

A: Sort of. My dad is a piano tuner and really good at the piano & my mom played for a while as well. My uncle Mike Sloski is a professional drummer.

6) How did you come up with your stage name 'Lingopolus'?

A: Honestly it was an alias evolution from Lingo which i was for a couple years from 2012ish. The opolus/opolous surnames and names sounded so intriguing to me and i wanted something new. Im also fascinated with history and where we came from, along with the mythology and religions the expansion of arts, the progression of us that never ends.I wanted to pursue music with a different purpose, to try and distance myself as far as possible from ego to just express and changing up your image or name or brand can free you in and do wonders esp if you feel kinda stuck.

7) Are there any upcoming Lingopolus releases?

A: Indeed, nothing i can really give details about tbh or even know too many details of, a lot of independent stuff.

8) What plans do you have for 2019 & beyond?

A: Not sure, I really want to live in a van or something for a bit and make as much music as possible while I drive through the west coast and party. Also drop lots of music.

9) Describe a Lingopolus track in 2 words.

A: Zoo Break

10) Where can we see Lingopolus in 2019?

A: Hopefully on your favorite party playlists, at clubs on tour and festivals, eating macaroni salad in the mountains.

11) You just dropped an EP titled WHISK. What was the inspiration behind it?

A: I've been working on it for a minute and its been an idea for over a year now, but lots of tracks formulating and going & changing and new ones becoming what I wanted. Its the journey of a genre and accidental collision of eras in hip-hop, trap and EDM. Just a flat out whisking of a zoo cartoon tripping balls.

12) What's the track you had the most fun producing on it?

A: Honestly this is impossible to answer because I had so much fun with all of them equally. They're all journeys not only in sound but for me personally, from their beginnings to all the changes, adversity and to the finals masters, which I do all myself. So instead I'll just list a couple; the mad moombha switch ups in 'Egg Beater'. Recording and editing the vocals for 'Zoopid' and the switch up hard style money in 'Orangutan.'

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Soundcloud - @Lingopolus

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