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Kory Shore

1) Tell us something about yourself that your fans may not know.

A: I go to therapy regularly. I’m a huge advocate for mental health and de-stigmatizing therapy. I’m in a two year long relationship with my girlfriend and being in a committed relationship has challenged every part of me.

I credit a lot of my ability to navigate those complex feelings to my amazing therapist.

I also am a HUGE fan of the enneagram. As a 1w2, it’s been an incredible tool for me to help understand who I am and what I need to do to be healthy, which usually boils down to being easier on myself.

2) What goes into your process when writing a new single?

A: Soul searching.

I remember when Adam Levine said at a concert “if you write music please f****** saying something”, or something to that effect. I believe that songs should have a reason for existing. You need to be writing about something that is so impactful to you that you NEED to write about it.

I tap into what’s going on in my life. If my girlfriend says “I love you for the first time” and I’m not ready to say it back… I write about it. If I’m nervous about what moving to LA from Nashville will do to my relationship… I write about it.

After I craft a song either alone or with my cowriters, I’ll bring it to my co-producer Palmer Hooks and we’ll get to producing it. I’ll cut vocals, keyboard, and program drums, and Palmer will tackle guitar hook writing, tracking, and sound design.

Then we mix it and send it off to Alex Dobbert to be mastered.

3) How did you come up with the idea for your new single 'IDKAT?'

A) I always think of the song as preminitious because I wrote the song a couple weeks before meeting my now girlfriend at an escape room.

I was in my studio playing around with a vocoder (a synthesizer you can sing into) and I started singing the hook “I don’t know a thing about love” over and over again. I fell in love with it and immediately called Dan to see if he was free to help write the song. It was a stretch ask because we both are so busy that impromptu collaborations usually can’t happen. But to my surprise he was free! He came through and the song flowed out so easily for us.

IDKAT was the first song written for my project and it’s the first song to come out. It was a full circle moment that felt so right and it’s an honor to have such a good friend of mine featured on my first single.

4) What was the process like working with danny G?

A: Dan and I have been friends and collaborators for years now. I’ve written and produced “Alley Oop” and “Yung”, among other songs in his catalog. We have what we call “Kory Danny weeks” which are an occasional week where Dan and I will write everyday together for a week. And we usually get something great that hits.

Our styles of writing mesh so we easily play off each other’s ideas. Dan will hum a melody and then I’ll tweak it, and then he’ll make one last change that’ll hit it home, and vice versa. Writing with him is effortless, and if nothing else, fun.

5) What can fans expect from your EP BloodSweat&Tears?

A: Emotional lyrics, stadium-sized sound design, and a flare of Kanye’s experimental energy. The EP dives into anxiety, insecurities about my ability to love, and my relationship with work and self worth.

It’s 15 minutes long and it packs a lot of emotion into those 15 minutes. Palmer and I were meticulous in making sure every SECOND was interesting and emotional. We made a conscious decision about every detail of each song, even down to how we mixed the EP.

6) What's next for Kory Shore?

A: The music that follows this EP dives into what it’s like being a child of divorced parents and how it affects the ability to navigate a relationship. Expect to hear energetic production underscoring very raw lyrics.

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Instagram - @koryshore

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