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Kae Sera

1) Tell us something about yourself that your fans may not know.

A: Well I am a twin, and we’re not identical, to the point that when we were younger the bouncers outside of bars thought we had fake ID because we had the same date of birth and assumed we’d ordered them online.

2) When did you first start getting into music & decide you wanted to pursue a career?

A: Actually from the age of ten. I learned how to play guitar and then was asked to sing in a concert and worked out that I could accompany myself on the guitar. All went from there really, kind of a hidden talent that I didn’t know about until it was realized by my teacher at dance school!

3) Who are some artists who influenced your music style?

A: Ooooh well growing up in Liverpool meant that I was influenced by a city that has such an iconic musical roster. From a young age I was always listening to artists from the 60s and 70s, so anyone who was part of that Mersey beat scene. They all had great storytelling within their musical arrangements and that really inspired me to create a modern day version of that style. I would’ve loved to live within that time but also kind of feel like I did in a way, as the venues in Liverpool still play music from that era to this day.

4) What's your process like when putting together a new song?

A: Well I would say that no song process is ever the same for me. It really can come from any starting point whether that is returning to lyrics I have randomly written on my iPhone notes, or writing a tune on the guitar and even humming a vocal and then layering it up with electronic production.

It is always very unpredictable and so fulfilling when you have the final piece of music ready to share with the world!

5) What was the inspiration behind your latest single Close Call?

A: I always love film soundtracks and the atmospheric outcome of a scene when music is applied to it. Cinema often blurs that idea of fantasy and reality and I wanted to reflect that in my music. I could imagine this tune in a film to reinforce themes of loyalty and temptation.

6) What's next for you for the rest of 2022?

A: More recording, more tunes, can’t say too much but keep your ears open!

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