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Julian Jordan

1) Tell us something about yourself that your fans may not know.

A: I’m a perfectionist, I want my music to be a 10000% like I envisioned it. Otherwise I won’t release it. I don’t like to rush things, I always choose quality over quantity.

2) How old were you when you started producing and how did you get started?

A: I was 12 years old! My father introduced me to a software called FL Studio and I was immediately hooked, non-stop producing every day. Even when I had a 30 min break at school, I biked home to produce. Leading to me always being late after because I always forget the time when I am producing haha!

3) What's been your most memorable performance in your career thus far?

A: My most memorable performance was definitely the Ultra mainstage. I remember watching the livestream as a little kid in my bedroom and seeing the big skyscrapers on the stream, it was amazing and I had never visited the United States back then. Years later when I received the email confirming that I was going to play the mainstage I was so happy. When I walked up the stage and saw the big buildings in real life I had a crazy flashback to my bedroom as a little kid haha!

4) Which of your productions is your favourite out of them all?

A: I would say my last release. I always try to grow in my productions and releases, making sure every track gets better & better and improved a lot.

5) Who is someone that you haven't worked with yet that you would love to get into the studio with?

A: Pharrell Williams! In my opinion he is one of the most creative artists on earth. It’s also really cool to see him do fashion, music and art etc.!

6) Who is someone you would say is your favourite producer to work with?

A: I love to work with producers from different genres. One of my very good friends is Tom Martin, a super talented producer within in many different genres. We hang-out a lot and its super inspiring to see him work.

7) After touring for so long and essentially 'growing up' on tour, would you say you missed out on your teenage years or that touring made up for it?

A: I think that’s a little bit true. Meaning I couldn’t really hang out with my friends in the weekends because they had weekends off and I didn’t. When I had time to hang-out, they were in school, so it was a difficult situation. I’m super happy that I am still hanging out with the same friends and whenever I have time off, I make sure to make time for them because I think it’s really important to see them. Luckily, we all still like to party!

8) What hobbies do you have outside of producing and DJing around the world?

A: Outside of DJ’ing and producing I really like fashion as well. Also really like to think about new concept’s and ideas for the world. Really love to take long walks through the park and nature, sounds a bit silly, but it really clears my head. My family and friends are most important, especially with a biggest schedule when I’s hard to see them a lot. Whenever I am free, I will make time for them.

9) How did you get into fashion and what made you want to start your own fashion line?

A: I have always loved looking a bit different than others. Clothes are the best way to do that and express yourself. I love it when people get inspired by the outfits you wear. Since I am almost always on stage, I have to think about my stage presence too. Meaning I want to look good on stage, wear something comfy, but super dope at the same time. With my fashion line I want to give people the same feeling, like they are on stage as well about to rock the crowd.

10) Are you into sports at all? If so, which sports do you enjoy watching the most?

A: I have been doing kickboxing for a while now. I love it, it really clears your mind and I really like to go all in.

11) When can fans in Canada see you up here in the north again?

A: I hope very soon! I just played 2 amazing shows in Calgary & Vancouver and I have to say I love these cities so much, can’t wait to be back!

12) When can we expect the next Julian Jordan release?

A: Can’t really say a lot yet, but November 14 is going to be NEXT LEVEL!

Follow Julian Jordan:

Twitter: @JulianJordan

Instagram: @itsJulianJordan

Soundcloud: @JulianJordan

Spotify: @JulianJordan


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