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Joulie Fox

1) Tell us something about yourself that your fans may not know.

A: I am a joker, I love asking uncomfortable questions and I know how to juggle with 3 balls.

2) What was it like having your music featured on Love Island?

A: It was a definite surprise. When I was contacted by the production I actually thought it's a scam (ha!) but it wasn't and honestly that year so many things happened in my career that I've never dreamt of before. I was really grateful for this opportunity.

3) Who are some artists who inspired you?

A: I have a big rock heart. I was raised on Metallica, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains. These bands give me goosebumps. I also love PJ Harvey, Nick Cave, Jack White but at some point in my life I felt a really strong connection with electronic music. I started listening to The Blaze that I just adore, Soffi Tukker, Marina and The Diamonds ( I've been actually listening to her music since 2010, I remember myself with these big dreams in my head jumping and singing to the mirror "She is a Polish girl in America. Tall, tanned, hot blonde, called Anya. I asked her "Why would you wanna be a Hollywood wife?" "Because I don't wanna end up living in a dive on Vine."

4) What can fans expect from your upcoming EP Love Is A Blessing?

A: They can definitely expect a lot of upbeat music with some sad lyrics. This is what I do. I put tears on the dance floor. A few made up stories about psycho girlfriends and stalkers but I also treat listeners with a moment of self reflection. I hope they will find a bit of themselves on this album. I don't think there is one person in this world that haven't experienced a heartbreak or at least had to let go of someone in life. Love is beautiful but it can cut us deep. 'Love is a Blessing' is a love therapy. I want people to cry, to dance, to feel it.

5) What was the inspiration behind your single Running?

A: "Running" came to me in 5 minutes. I believe that art comes to you from the Universe and you're channelling it onto the paper. This is how I felt with "Running". I just threw it up onto my notebook. Surprisingly these songs usually get the most appreciation when they're released. It must be some kind of attachment that you have with the particular song and people just resonate with it.

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