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Ike Rhein

1) Tell us something about yourself that your fans may not know.

A) Well, first off, I am only 19! I play almost every instrument and I make some pretty good country music too!

2) When did you first discover your love for music?

A) I've always had the passion for music in general. After I graduated high school, I made my first song and was inspired to make this my career. I was inspired to bring people joy through my music.

3) What was the inspiration behind your new single 'Not For Me?'

A) "Not for Me" is one of the first emotional songs that I've ever released. "Not for Me" is meant to connect with listeners' inner emotions. Many people in the world are enduring mental and/or emotional pain due to a significant other." This song is about the realization that sometimes someone who you believed was the one turns out not to be. I feel that “Not for Me” has helped me develop into who I am and what I want my sound to be. I'm an emotional person and love to show that through song.

4) What's your process like when making a new track?

A) I typically start with just meditating and getting in touch with my emotions. From there, I write down lyrics and then add them to music.

5) How have both Michigan and Miami had influences on your music style, if any?

A) Such different styles! Michigan has really developed some new sounds as of late led by YN Jay. Though, I would have to say Michigan hasn't had much influence on my style. I've gotten so much inspiration for my music and sound down in Miami!

6) What's next for Ike Rhein in 2021?

A) Right now, I'm working on some new projects along with some different type of sounds. I know my fans are going to love it! More heart, more passion, more energy in my new work.

Follow Ike Rhein:

Twitter - @ikerhein23

Instagram - @ikerhein

Listen - @IkeRhein


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