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If U Take Me Home

1) Tell us something about yourself that your fans may not know.

A: I like to make myself a pretty open book but I would say that one thing my fans may not know about me already is that I’m a pretty good cook. I’ve been cooking with my dad for about 20 years and he’s taught me all of his secrets. While music has always been my first priority, there was a short time where I was very interested in working in kitchens. Bartending was

also a love of mine that I still very much indulge in for party guests and friends I invite over.

2) How did you come up with your stage name If U Take Me Home?

A: My stage name comes from my belief that religion can sometimes be a dangerous thing. I grew up in a very conservatively christian family and, although I never agreed with the viewpoints rised or leveled at me, I understood the necessity at a young age of people's desire for a higher power over their lives to guide them. The name comes from the question “If you took me home to heaven, what happens then?”. I believe that the idea of heaven is a powerful tool but when used as a coping mechanism, can be a very dangerous thing because you start to lose yourself in the idea of a metaphorical heaven over your physical reality. I believe heaven can be a life lived to its fullest while still on earth. That's what this project's music really is all about.

3) What was the experience like performing on the Vans Warped Tour?

A: Oh man, it was absolutely incredible. I started playing music when I was sixteen and that was always a big dream of mine. Playing my hometown shows each year really became the best part of my year. It gave me a lot of confidence that I could be a musician and that this life of playing music full time could actually come true for me. I put a lot of hard work into making those shows the best that they could be.

4) What was the inspiration behind your latest single Drag?

A: The inspiration behind my latest single came from a fight that I actually had with my mom a couple months prior to writing the lyrics. The song is an anthem for demanding respect when respect is not being given. Lyrically, I blend several perspectives into the track but I mostly stay in mine because I feel that it’s important to validate those feelings that arise from disrespectful encounters, whether they be against you or someone else. Musically I tried to recreate the mood that I was in while I was in the moment of the argument. The song feels dark but also feels like something you could get lost in at the same time, a lot like how the situation felt to me in the moment.

5) Describe your sound for people who haven't heard it yet.

A: My sound is that of a dark R&B sound mixed with a very Bryson Tiller style trap-soul production. If you’ve never heard of Bryson Tiller, put this down right now and go stream “Don’t” off Tillers 2015 masterpiece of a record Trapsoul.

6) What's your favorite moment of your career thus far?

A: Now that is a difficult question to answer. Of all the experiences and opportunities I've worked hard to get, I think what I'm most excited for are the moments that haven't happened yet. I’m excited for touring under my new project and I’m very excited to continue to share my new music. THAT BEING SAID, If i had to pick one though, this one time I was in a green

room in bowling green, kentucky with some of my buddies who were in a couple very well known bands at the time and we all decided to have a camp out in this particular green room because it was so large in size. We attempted to camp out there but ultimately were kicked out before we could start up a bonfire. 10/10 great time.

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