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Gerry Gonza

1) Tell us something about yourself you may not know.

A: I did martial arts for years before starting to do music. I got an early start because my dad taught karate. I loved and did it until my brother played the red hot chili peppers for me. Around The World off of the Californiacation album did it for me. There was no looking back!

2) How did you get into producing electronic music?

A: I used to be in a hardcore/screamo band with my friends and before practicing, they would always play "Put Your Hands Up For Detroit" by Fedde Le Grand. This led me to start hearing Daft Punk, Justice, and other artists and it got me into the idea of making electronic music. One day they kicked me out of the band. I still really wanted to make music, like fully completed music not just jamming, so I thought, "well how can i make music by myself?". I was already making cadences for the drumline in FL Studio so I just started trying to make electronic and soon enough, I had my first song done. The funny thing is, my friends told me I'd get sick of electronic music after a few weeks and here we are over 10 years later.

3) Does your family have any musical background or are you the first?

A: My father and brother played in bands. My father sang and played keys, brother is a guitarist. I have other family in Mexico that perform classical music as well. Music is definitely in my blood. I do believe I'm the first producer though, so I guess thats cool.

4) What type of influence has Phoenix had on your music, if any?

A: It absolutely has. Its influenced my music and myself. The biggest thing its shown me is acceptance. To be who I am, to the core, unapologetically and to the T, and as long as what I do is genuine and from the heart, people will love it. Its made me unafraid to try everything Ive ever wanted to do. Its made me comfortable in my own skin as a producer and as a person. Its taught me how to love myself and the sound I've been destined for.

5) You just released your 'Jackmode EP.' How did you come up with both 'Jackmode' & 'Do It Again'?

A: I wanted an EP that had some diversity between the two tracks. An EP that had fun songs but both on different spectrums. For Jackmode, I wanted fun and quirky vocals with a big 808. I love when vocals get stuck in your head so I tried to write something catchy and easy that people could know and sing in two seconds. For Do It Again, I wanted that deep dark gangster bassy shit! Something that felt like jamming in a swamp of darkness.

6) Do you have any releases planned before the new year?

A: Yes. I've got a new wompy tune called "Follow Me Deeper" with a new vocalist, Bekah, thats coming out on Medium Rare Recordings out of Australia!

7) What can we expect from you in 2019? Releases, tours, etc.

A: New music with Destructo, BIJOU, Dr Fresch! Music on Night Bass as well as self releases on my new imprint, GOATS Records. Show and tour info is coming and will be available on my new website that I'm launching early next year!

8) Describe a Gerry Gonza record in 2 words.

A: I'm Alive!

9) What's your favourite track of yours to play during a show?

A: Recently I've been loving "Ass On Fire"! The crowds respond great to it and its so easy to mix in and out of. I also love that it sets me up into a new song.

10) What track of yours did you have the most fun making?

A: I have a new tune called "Sexin In The Cosmos" that's made me feel so good even after making it. Its the first song I wrote where I'm actually proper singing so finally getting over that hump felt great!

11) Besides producing, what do you enjoy doing in your free time?

A: I was having a talk with my friend and telling her how I don't know how to take a day off because when I'm not working on music or music related things for my project, all I want to do is play on the CDJs or produce music I don't usually make. I do enjoy watching stuff on netflix and video games occasionally but for the most part, my mind is always on music. Im always looking for ways to get better. In music and in life. So I guess that's what I enjoy to do with my free time. Find ways to be better and have a better life.

12) If you had to pick up and move to any place in the world, where would you go?

A: Off the top of my head, Praia do Rosa in Brazil. I fell in love with that place from the moment we arrived. The beautiful beach, the laid back vibe, and of course, the lovely people. Realistically though, I do want to spend some time living in London and Los Angeles. I learned a lot on all my trips to London and it always made me ask eye opening questions. Los Angeles is close to my family and a great hub so I feel I almost have to.

Follow Gerry Gonza:

Facebook - @gerrygonzamusic

Soundcloud - @gerrygonzamusic

Instagram - @gerrygonzamusic


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