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Gee Slab

1) Tell us something about yourself that your fans may not know.

A: I'm big into comics and wrestling. I've been collecting and reading comics since I was 8 years old and watching wrestling since I was 7 years old.

2) What's it like being a rapper from Nashville when it's known for its country music?

A: It's the main challenge we've faced. It's a false narrative that it's all the city has to offer. It's rooted in racism and is a hard thing to overcome but far from impossible. We have had rappers from the city since the 80's and in the last 10 years we've cultivated a full scene of artists making waves from myself to Mike Floss, Brian Brown, Petty, Daisha McBride and more.

3) How has the Nashville hiphop scene developed over the years?

A: It started off small in the "blog era" around 2012 on a solidified scale. The shows would be other artists and their friends in the crowd. We'd book the venues and host and throw the shows ourselves. People like D'Llisha Davis and Eric Holt were a couple of key people that helped bring artists down for us to open up and events as well.

4) What was the process like while creating 'Triple Beam?'

A: Making Triple Beam was fun and challenging. I wrote the story and presented it to ALL3Y3Z and we came up with shot list together and edited more with CrooL.

It took 3 months to shoot with covid restrictions and scheduling in general. Long and early days but it was all worth it.

5) When did you decide to get Cashmere CrooL to feature on the track?

A: I decided to put him on record as soon as I heard it. Me and him got a prior friendship so it made sense and it was the right choice.

6) How did you come up with the track name 'Triple Beam?'

A: I plead the fifth lol. But nah I was smoking and listening to Curtis Mayfield's "PushaMan' and the hook came to my head. Later that day my homie Willie Klutch sent some beats over and it just fit perfectly. The verse just spilled out and then I sat with it for a week and sent it to CrooL. The rest was history.

7) What's next for Gee Slab?

A: We just dropped the EP "BECAUSE I CAN" on bandcamp and will be available everywhere April 23rd.

Next, I'm dropping a collab project with the homie Negro Justice in May. New Single in July. Merch coming and working with my first artist to develop. Be tuned in, you're going to see a lot of me.

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