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1) Tell us something about yourselves that your fans may not know.

A: I’m a classical trained singer, and very much wanted to be an Opera singer into my teens but learnt you had to have an intensely restrictive lifestyle to succeed in the art form, I still melt when I hear an aria, it holds a dear place in my heart.

2) How did you all meet and come together to form the band FRANSIS?

A: Me and Alex (lead guitarist) met at university, we began to write and work together, on moving to London we’re looking to complete the line up of a full scale band and found the other members.

3) How have you as a band grown together when it comes to your creative process?

A: With this EP we were very focused, I usually drive the initial creative direction for the songs I put forward to work on next, i’m a little protective over them so I can be specific about what I want, but that seems to work and streamline the ideas and get a banging end product.

4) What was the inspiration behind your EP Honeymoon?

A: Lockdown was a time of massive reflection, and a little bit of madness. This EP from a songwriting perceptive is a journey of womanhood, encompassing the nostalgia of a past self, and present realizations. This EP is a pure organic explosion of emotion, it will make you smile, dance and maybe cry, but it's always honest.

5) What was the process behind the production and was it difficult to decide as a band when each song was completed & which to include on it?

A: We recorded at lightship 95 in Canning Town with an amazing producer Dave Holmes who just got what the songs were speaking for and how to hone that into a collective sound. I chose the songs I put forward for this record, as I wanted a collection that spoke for something and all tied into a general theme.

6) Describe your sound for people who may not have heard it yet.

A: Dramatic, empowering, driving and unrelenting. This isn’t subtle listening, it's honest, it's raw and it's real. It's everything and nothing you’ve heard before.


Twitter - @fransismusic


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