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1) What's something about yourself that your fans may not know.

A: I’m silly! But really though, I’m actually a very goofy person - if you see me walking down the street or if you’re meeting me for the first time, the first thing you might notice is that I’m introspective. But as you get to know me, you’ll notice that I’m also very lighthearted and enjoy making light of situations when it makes sense. I like telling the goofiest jokes and being surrounded by people who understand my humor :)

2) What made you want to keep your identity a secret up until the release of your debut EP?

A: The main reason was so that I could deliver a completely immersive experience. I wanted to push content that was very different for an artist who is just starting out. I planned to create an entire audio/visual experience for fans over the course of six months so that they had something cinematic and larger than life to look forward to. What I’ve created with my videos and the release of my project is a unique storyline that listeners have been able to follow from beginning to end.

3) What would you say was the inspiration behind your debut EP 'Momentum?'

A: To be a step above the quality of the last project I put out before introducing this chapter of ‘Foxfrd’ to the world. I wanted to improve the quality of my vocals, the mood and the overall presentation. This is where the idea to create a cinematic experience came from. It’s important to me to continue to better myself and when I fully solidified the Foxfrd brand (the projects prior to this were essentially experiments), the entire vision came together seamlessly.

4) Which of these songs would you say you had the most fun making?

A: I had the most fun making “Oni” because it was one of the tracks I got to fully establish on my own without much compromise. I was going to release it without it being tied to a project, but my producer/engineer said it was so good that it needed to be a part of my EP. The track was still revamped with some really nice ear candy but the song's concept, hook, mood and vibe were authentically my creation. And so, “Oni” became the first track to release off of the “Momentum” project.

5) What would you say the sound of this EP is like?

A: When putting a project together, I usually focus the majority of my efforts on the storytelling. All of the adjectives to describe my music/sound usually come afterward. Lyrically and sonically, you can describe my music as being introspective and melodic, (chill but serious), etc. I’m basically putting my own unique spin on alternative hip hop.

6) What's in the plans for you for the rest of 2022?

A: I plan to continue to improve as a multimedia artist. I imagine releasing a few more singles as well as continuing the momentum from the EP by kicking the storytelling up a notch with new visuals, music videos, etc.

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