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Flo Gallop

1) What's something about yourself that fans may not know?

A: I love Oasis, I once got my head stuck in the railings at Buckingham Palace and I love cooking pie.

2) What message are you trying to send with this latest single?

A: You break up with someone, it’s out of your control and most likely they have done something really hurtful and upsetting. People always seem to feel sorry for you but that makes no sense. This person has messed up their chances with YOU, they’ve lost the one thing that had value. So that made me think let's switch it up and not be angry or hold a grudge. Just purely send pity their way. They’ll soon realize what a mistake they have made.

3) How has southeast London had an impact on your music style, if at all?

A: I think it’s just busy, there’s lots going on, lots to see and lots of stories to be told. I love how everyone seems to know each other and there’s normally a link everywhere. I hope the vibrance of London comes out in my music.

4) If you could have one collaboration for the rest of your career, who would it be?

A: SO, its gotta be Elton John. Such a classic and if I only had 1 that would be an insane one to have. I feel like you would learn so much in just one studio day with him. Crazyyyyy!

5) What's your process like when going into the studio to make a new song?

A: I start with getting lyrics down and take them into the session with me. Normally just things I have seen and written down or a concept I have come up with and go from there. It’s just good to have an idea, it will change along the way and probably end up as something completely different but that is a good starting point! As bits get added you normally get more inspired and things start flowing and Patch Boschell who I work with a lot is really good at forcing stuff out of you. We normally have a long chat about what we want the song to say and how it should sound and see what happens!

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