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1) Tell us something about yourself that your fans may not know.

A: A lot of my fans don’t know that I’m so good at tarot and playing cards reading. I’m also interested in witch-crafting.

2) What made you want to make music and get into the industry?

A: I have been in the industry since 2011. I started music with classical music then slowly moved towards popular music and eventually feel like I’m about to find my niche. I have an undeniable passion for making music. I feel like that’s the only thing I’m good at.

3) Who are some artists who influenced your music style?

A: Lady Gaga for sure. She inspired me for many years and still does. Not just as an artist- she taught me how to be a confident human.

Besides my Queen Gaga, various Azerbaijani folklore composers and current alternative electronic pop singers: Charlie XCX, Years&Years, Billie Eilish.

4) How has living in different countries helped you make different music styles, if at all?

A: It wasn’t a major help to be honest because I feel like you don’t really have to be in a certain country to make a good record. You can create an influential atmosphere or environment anywhere. Actually, I wrote my best songs during the pandemic and this pandemic really helped me to sit down and be completely honest with myself to understand what was actually happening with my career.

5) What was the process like creating your latest single 'Beautiful Long Hair?'

A: Production wise or songwriting wise?

Actually, both were challenging!

Production wise, I pay attention to every single tiny mistake which may sound like a mistake to me.

It was a very long process. Pat, STKHA and myself worked so hard on some of the little details to make sure that the combination of the middle eastern musical elements and alternative pop sounds fit well together.

Songwriting wise, it was painful because I was hurt people with beautiful long hair.

6) What message were you trying to send with this single?

A: My message was a literal confession about my obsession yet sarcastic trying to bring them down.

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