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Dipha Barus

1) Tell us something about yourself that your fans may not know.

A: I once wanted to be an architect because I was fascinated by how astonishing a piece of architecture of a building or even a landmark can be.

2) How has being from Indonesia had an impact on your music style?

A: Indonesian culture has its festive and magical side. We always celebrate any circumstances in life, whether it’s a joyful once or a sad one with music. Probably that’s why my music has so many layers and a story to bind it together.

3) What was it like getting your breakout hit with 'No One Can Stop Us' back in 2016?

A: I was so surprised at first because I didn’t expect anything aside from making music and to communicate the message as best as I can, but then it got more recognition throughout the year and I was so humble because people get it. I also

feel honored when AMI Awards picked this song as the best electronic track of the year. Fun fact, this song initially setup as a free download track on Soundcloud and also, it gained more attention when Mark Ronson played it when he was performing at We The Fest in 2016 and Summer Sonic Festival in Japan, same year.

4) Who are some artists you would like to work with still in your career?

A: Kanye West, Stevie Wonder, Todd Edwards, Skrillex, and Channel Tres.

5) What was that experience like getting signed to ULTRA?

A: Really humbled by the experience for sure. As one of the biggest electronic labels, Ultra Music has given me a lot of support by introducing me as the rising house DJ from Southeast Asia and they invited me to the Grammy after party to

meet one of my all-time favorite artists, Marshall Jefferson.

6) When can fans expect your debut album to drop?

A: I’m planning to release my EP at the end of this year and hopefully I can release my debut album next year.

7) What plans do you have for the rest of 2020?

A: Lately I have been focusing on having a solid communication with my audience through several digital contents. There’s “How’s Life” where I'm doing a 1-hour live mix. There’s “Dip.Talk” which is a talk show content, we’re about to launch

‘Chilli.Dip” which is a workout program and “Dip.Set”, a live performance content but with Bali’s nature as the background. As I mentioned before, there’ll be a lot of music coming from me.

8) How did your single with CADE titled 'Down' come about?

A: 'Down' is a record about simply living in the moment with your significant other and not stressing or over-thinking about what the future might hold. Simple as lemonade. I hope this record can bring smiles and joy to everyone as we experience stressful times around the world with COVID-19.


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