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1) Tell us something about yourself that your fans may not know.

A) I've lived in Florida pretty much my entire life.

2) How was being from Florida had an impact on your music style, if any?

A) I would have to say the lingo for sure. There are certain terms or expressions that I use that are foreign to others not from Florida. Also, the large variety of cultures here is incredible. You can pretty much find a little bit of everything here, so it's definitely influenced my sound/music style.

3) Who are some artists who influenced your music style?

A) To be honest, I really try to stay away from listening to other artists. Mostly because I can see its effect on my music. For instance, if I were to listen to certain artists and then hop in the studio, I'm quick to notice that the song I've created sounds somewhat similar to them, obviously with my own twist, but you could see the influence for sure! If I had to pick a top 3, it would be Mac Miller (RIP), J. Cole, and Russ, in no particular order.

4) What was the inspiration for your recent single 'South Side Livin?'

A) After going through many relationship woes, I came to realize that I tend to find interest in very problematic women. Even knowing the issues from the beginning, I choose to disregard them. "Love is blind" is the perfect expression to explain it. When you're vibing with someone or have that connection, you naturally tend to disregard the "bad" qualities. When the pros outweigh the cons, you let those cons slide by which is where, "With you my sinning feel like winning" came from. The line "South Side Livin" is because I've lived in Florida pretty much my entire life, so all I really know is the women from here. For whatever reason, they always seem so problematic. That's not just from my perspective, but also from family and friends who've experienced similar situations. That's not to say all my relationships have been like this;, however, it does seem like a trend.

5) What message did you want to put out with this single?

A) Live your life, embrace those lows and highs, and just know that if you choose to disregard "toxic" issues in anything, that's on you. You always have a choice!

6) What's next for CimplyDan?

A: Releasing more music and doing more shows/touring.

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