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1) Tell us something about yourself that your fans may not know.

A: I’m afraid of dogs.

2) What about having an old soul makes an impact on your music style?

A: I think it really affects my melodies. They’re often quite melancholic and filled with a filmatic peacefulness in a way.

3) What's your favorite thing about music before the 2000s?

A: The organic rawness from acoustic drums and the guitar having a central role in the sound.

4) Who are some of the artists who have influenced your music style, if any?

A: Michael Kiwanuka, Moses Sumney, Frank Ocean and Leon Bridges.

5) What was the process behind your latest single Simple Mistake?

A: It started at home. Just playing around with some chords I came up with. It started off as a vibey feel good song. And kind of ended up like that, but with a bitter flavour in the lyrics. After just jamming by myself for a while I made a demo with a lot of guitar and vocal tracks and took it with me in the studio with my producer Hans Olav Settem.

We changed it up quite a bit, playing around. And invited my band to put their intuitive ideas on the track and it ended up being a tune I really like!

6) What made you want to take advantage of your school time to make music?

A: I moved to Oslo to study music, which felt like a good way to get to know the music scene and new people. And enjoyed having a couple of years just figuring out who I was as an artist.

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