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1) Tell us something about yourself that your fans may not know.

A: I was with the Water Scouts, which is similar to the Scouts in the USA only we sail as well, for almost 20 years.

2) What made you want to pursue a career in music?

A: I always knew I wanted to be a musician, I just didn’t really know what kind of musician yet and then I heard ‘Because of You’ by Kelly Clarkson when I was about 10 years old and I just knew that was the kind of music I wanted to make as well.

3) Who are some people and/or artists who inspire you?

A: I am really inspired by people who stay authentic to who they are and go against the flow if needed. I was always really inspired by artists like Adele, Taylor Swift, or Avril Lavigne when I was younger ‘cause it felt like they stayed close to who they actually were and knew what kind of story they wanted to tell.

4) What went into the decision to change from ANEMARY to ANN KING?

A: I knew I wanted to change my artist name for a while, ‘cause ANEMARY just didn’t feel like the artist I wanted to be anymore. I wanted a strong, independent but classy name that I could see myself having for the rest of my life. I had this vision of the artist I wanted to be but didn’t feel like ANEMARY resembled that, picking a new strong artist name like ‘Ann King’ gave me the opportunity to challenge myself musically and personally and grow into the artist I had always envisioned myself to be.

5) What's the meaning behind your single It Comes and Goes?

A: I wrote ‘It comes and goes’ as a reminder to myself that you can’t have the highs without the lows, even though the lows might seem like they’re never gonna end at some point they will and they will have made you stronger and made you grow as a person. At the end of the day, the seasons will always come and go even though it might not feel like it at the time, you will get through it and it felt very therapeutic to write about that.

6) How much have you noticed a growth in your musical output from when you started until now?

A: I feel like I’ve grown more comfortable with myself as an artist and I’ve grown a lot as a person since I started releasing music under Ann King which has allowed me to be more honest with myself in my lyrics which I feel like eventually let me to writing more honest and authentic songs.

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