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1) Tell us something about yourself that your fans may not know.

A: I used to want to be a doctor and was an EMT for a bit during college.

2) When did you first start making music?

A: I started producing in 2018 while I was in my sophomore year of college. But before that, I would write songs on my guitar and just record them into my voice memos on my phone, which should probably be deleted haha.

3) What was the process behind your latest EP Disconnected?

A: I quit my job and took a month off to fully focus on music. This was something I had been wanting to do for a while. It is so hard to feel motivated or creative after working an 8 hour day, so I knew that in order for me to make this EP, I needed to just take time for myself. I listened to a lot of music during my time off to gain inspiration and ideas. The first song I wrote off of the EP is Higher. For that song, I sampled my roommates and my pets which was a fun experience. After that, I made a goal to write one song per week and to have the EP done within one month. I had been listening to a lot of french indie pop/dance music which had led me to making the song Peaches. I found a french sample of a woman reading poetry, chopped up her vocals and turned it into a full song! I also played a lot of guitar on that one too, as I was trying to incorporate more organic instruments combined with the electronic dance feel. After writing Peaches, I knew I had wanted to make a song that was more intense and cinematic. I had been listening to Odesza's new singles off of their new album and felt pretty inspired by those which led to me making the song Disconnected. With summer coming up, I wanted to make a happy feel good song to listen to in the car with the windows down or while at a beach hanging with friends. The last song on the EP "Gone", embodies the happy summer vibes.

4) How hard is it to choose which songs you want to include in a project?

A: It was pretty easy. I wrote 4 songs within the month, and included all 4 of them!

5) Describe your musical style for those who haven't heard you before.

A: I would describe my music as indietronic. There are electronic elements to it that make them sound like dance songs, but there is a good mix of organic instrumentation and more laid back chill vocals to bring it the alternative/indie feel! Most of the songs are pretty ambient, spacey, and dreamlike!

6) What's next for you for the rest of 2022?

A: I plan on making more music! I also plan on playing shows around the US and collaborating with more artists!

Follow Aibai:

Instagram - @aibaitarrant


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