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1) Tell us something about yourself that your fans may not know.

A: I am very much an old soul, haha. Listening to the radio whilst doing jigsaw puzzles, knitting, sudoku - a perfect evening for me. I wouldn't have gotten through lockdown without it.

2) How has being a Swedish artist had an impact on your music style?

A: Massively! The Swedish Hip-Hop scene is flourishing and I grew up seeing my favourite rappers working independently, managing to do music full time despite not having support from major labels. It really reminds me about the fact that I'm doing music because I love it and it's great to see how the independent/DIY scene is growing here in the UK as well. 

3) Who are some artists you looked up to?

A: There are many, of course, but for inspiration I tend to go to rappers such as JPEGMAFIA, J.Cole and Tyler, the Creator. As well, Swedish rappers Cleo and Silvana Imam are the reason I got into Hip-Hop in the first place. Other than that I'm a big folk music fan - I love Joni Mitchell, Patti Smith and Simon & Garfunkel.

4) What was the inspiration behind your latest single 'TRY?'

A: Last year I was really stuck, both mentally and musically. I was in quite a bad place and ended up in a really vicious circle, being too tired to be creative whilst also beating myself up for not writing music. Even when I did write something, I was too worried about what other people would think about it. I only wrote three songs in 2019 and TRY was one of them. I was doing a fair bit of therapy and I wrote the song coming straight out of a session. Basically I had reached a point where I was so frustrated with continuously feeling awful. I kept saying that I was trying, trying, trying - I guess the song really manifests every single emotion I felt throughout the past year. How you can go from feeling hopeful to hopeless, desperate to confident. I never really thought I was gonna release TRY but in a way it’s quite nice to get it off my chest.

5) Do you feel like being outside of North America as an artist is harder to gain traction?

A: Both yes and no. I feel like music is more global than ever, especially with the pandemic. Also with social media now being one of the main factors of the industry, it's so much easier to reach out to whatever specific audience that you'd want to target. 

6) What plans do you have for the rest of 2020?

A: Writing, writing, writing! To be honest, I was really struggling with being creative for the first few months of lockdown. It wasn't until this release that I kind of entered a creative mindset again, and I'm really excited to write and record again. I'm going back home to Sweden for the last bit of this year and it's definitely one of my favourite places to be when writing new music.

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