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1) Tell us something about yourself that your fans may not know.

A: Something about myself that fans may not know is that I love cooking and baking, I love trying new recipes any time I can. On a normal Saturday I’m usually trying a new baking recipe!

2) How has being from Miami had an impact on your music style, if any?

A: Being from Miami has had a drastic impact on my music style because of the culture it holds. From Caribbean culture to Hispanic culture and more, it’s a beautiful blend of different types of people and you definitely see that resonate in the music and the art. I feel like if I was not from Miami my music would sound different.

3) Who are some artists who have influenced you throughout your life?

A: Some artists that I have looked up to and have influenced me as an artist are definitely Etta James, Nina Simone, Rihanna and of course Beyoncé . Although from a young age living in Haïti we had these toy telephones that had Shakira ringtones and I always loved to just listen to them over and over again until I mastered the song and that also caused me to grow up to appreciate and look up to Shakira.

4) What was the process like creating your debut EP 'Moody?'

A: The process of creating “Moody” was definitely tough but beautiful at the same time. I lost friends on the way, went through heartbreak, financial hardships when it came to my budget for the EP, but what kept me going was my confidence in God and the creative process.

5) Was there a song on the project that you enjoyed creating the most?

A: I love all the songs! But I can say I enjoyed creating “Selfish” the most because of how freeing it was writing it. It was my redemption song. I needed to feel what I felt at that moment. It felt great to be free and to really express myself in the verses I was writing.

6) What was the inspiration behind the project?

A: The Inspiration behind “Moody” came from a song I wrote also titled “Moody." I was free-styling to some beats in my room and this one beat came on and I just started free styling the whole song from beginning to end and I was in tears by the time I sang the last line. I knew I had to make a whole project revolving around this song because of the overflow of emotions I was feeling.

7) What's one collaboration you wish you could've had on the project, if any?

A: I am so thankful for everyone who made this project come to life. My engineers at Forever Current Studios, my wonderful Producer Terrance Daniels and my featuring artist L’Suavo! They are all so amazing. If I could have one collaboration it would have to be this amazing rapper, poet and singer Marnino. He wasn’t able to this time, but definitely in the future so lookout!

8) What's next for Lu$ in 2020?

A: I honestly just want to keep creating music and keep learning and soaking up all the information as I grow. I want to be a sponge to the industry and just grasp everything I can. I want to become a scholar on all the logistics that are in the music industry. I’m learning to manage myself and do everything independently before I ever make the choice to allow someone else in. I also look forward to dropping new music as often as possible so definitely stay on the lookout!!

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