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1. Tell us something about yourself that your fans may not know about you.

A: I’m very quiet outside of the music, I enjoy the thought of keeping the identity a secret. I always let the music speak first. Oh and I’m f**king good at fortnite.

2. How did you get into making music?

A: I was hella young, I started 6 years ago just making mash ups and remixes, little things like that. I really started making my own beats out of nowhere, obviously it was trash but I liked that part, feeling like I had something to prove to myself. In this case, it was that I could get better at it.

3. Who did you listen to growing up? Have they had any influence on your music style?

A: I listened to a lot of 50 cent, even G-Unit when I was young. But fell in love with RnB as I grew older, like dark RnB. For sure they have influences, I like talking about real shit that’s going on in my life, also sometimes where I see myself going.

4. How has being from Canada had an impact on your music, if any?

A: It definitely has, a lot of inspiration gained from artists I’ve encountered in the scene but also from bigger artists like The Weeknd/Nav/88 Glam. Feel like a lot of us wouldn’t be where we are without having some of these names setting the tone, and setting the bar high.

5. What is the process for you when creating a new track?

A: It alters all the time. Most times it’s me making the beat first and usually if I’m feeling it, I’ll start free-styling and find a part I really liked outta the freestyle. Other times it could just be hearing another song and being inspired. I have a strong team that is full of creative minds so they play a big role as well.

6. Do you have a certain mindset you have to get yourself in?

A: Most definitely. I make a lot of my music in spurts, like I’ll really be on a roll with ideas and concepts. Hard to make great art when you aren’t motivated/inspired and I feel like that goes for any creative mind.

7. How did you come up with the idea for your latest track 'Touchdown?

A: My homie Angel sent the beat, which he produced. And he already had a verse, and I had alot of ideas instantly so we went back and forth for like 2 days and had the song done and we dropped it the same day. It all came together very quickly and I feel like those are some of the best timeless songs.

8. You dropped your 'Own Your Own EP' not too long ago. How did you put that together?

A: It honestly fell together. I knew I wanted to do a project but never thought those songs would play together so well. Originally I had bout 8-10 songs for it, but I wanted do make sure every song had a place, no fillers. So I kept the ones I didn’t use for throwaway singles or even for ideas for another project. Which I must say, came in handy…

9. What plans do you have in 2018?

A: More projects on the way. Before 2018 is done I want to have another 2-4 projects out. Focusing on the music and the brand. I’d say more but it’s too early…

10. Who or what has had the biggest impact on your career?

A: I think where I’m from and what I’ve been through grew me into the person I am today, especially as an artist and how I carry myself through any challenges.

11. Who would you like to work with in the future?

A: So many but I’ll name some (not in order);

Anders, CHE, Vory, Daze, Roy Woods, Nessly, Countach, KXVI, SAFE, Onlyxne, Eddy Calvert, Nav, The Weeknd, S.L.M.N.

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