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1) We like to start off our interviews by getting you to tell us something about yourself that your fans may not know about you. What may that be?

A: My fans know me as an EDM artist, but outside of that I do a lot of production for other artists of many different genres - from pop, to indie, R&B. I like to get weird with it.

2) How did you get into producing and do you have any musical background?

A: I have absolutely no musical background hahah. Well, I was DJ'ing and making my own edits and bootlegs, and that led to remixes and eventually I stepped my game up enough to start releasing original music. Although in hindsight, my skills were hardly there when I started putting out singles.

3) Where does the name Kronic come from and how did you come up with it?

A: I wanted a name that I could scratch into my sets and mixtapes, and since I grew up on West Coast hip hop, I knew there were a lot of raps that had the word "Chronic" in that I could sample.

4) What music did you listen to growing up? Has it had any influence on your production style?

A: I grew up on a diet of 90's Hip Hop - Snoop, Dr Dre, Wu Tang. That's why I like doing bass music a lot, because it gives me an opportunity to really make the drums the focus, and hip hop production is all about drums. If you listen to some of my older record, like Feel That, you can hear the hip hop influence in the drums.

5) You started off in the Hip-Hop scene. What made you or influenced you to switch to electronic music?

A: It was a gradual shift, really. I was a Hip Hop DJ, but then I started playing a wide variety of music, and then as dance music started to come into pop, I just started getting further and further into it, and by the time I stopped to look up, I was an electronic artist!

6) What inspires you to keep producing?

A: Working with others - producers, writers, singers, rappers - keeps me constantly inspired. Every time you work with a new person, you get to see music from a new perspective, and all these view points keep me learning.

7) Where has been your favourite place to play so far? Where do you want to play still?

A: Favourite place ever is a big call, but right now I'm going to say HQ in Adelaide, Australia. It's one of Australia's biggest rooms, plus it's my home town, so we always get extra wild. I never played in South America, but I'm determined to cross that off my list this year!!

8) Who is one of your favorite artists to work with & who do you hope to work with in the future?

A: I have sooo many favourite artists I like working with, but right now I'm really excited to be producing a project for a young Australian singer, Rhea Robertson (see video below)

9) What has been the happiest moment of your career so far?

A: I was watching the Superbowl last year at a friends house. I'd heard that maybe my song Push was going to be in the Fast 8 trailer, but nothing had been confirmed, and they absolutely did not mention anything about the Superbowl. And then bang, as I'm reaching for some hot wings, I hear the song start playing and I look up and see it in the trailer, alongside the other 100 Million people who were watching.

10) What plans do you have for 2018?

A: I'm going to do things a little differently this year. For the last few years, I've been making sort of pop-electronic hybrid stuff, which I'm really proud of, but this year I'm going to take it back to clubs. I've got a lot of collabs with some incredible upcoming talent, and I'm looking forward to releasing more music than I ever have before.

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