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1) Let's let everyone get to know you a little bit, tell us something about you that maybe the fans don't know yet.

A: People that know me know I grew up listening to Hip Hop 24/7 but they don’t know there was one year of High School were I was really into Country music. It didn’t last long and it was very random.

2) What was it like switching from college to music full time and how did it impact your life?

A: I didn’t like college at all so once I started doing something that I loved the transition for me was very easy. My parents weren't as excited as I was though. They were just nervous. I had no musical training and knew nothing about marketing music. I became obsessed with music. I spent years dedicating myself to it. Learning how to record, mix, master and produce my own songs.

3) What kind of influence did Western Massachusetts have on your music, if any?

A: Western Mass has definitely influenced my music sonically. I think my music has a balance between good and bad. Happy Pop influenced beats with darker Hip Hop verses. Depending on the time of year Western Mass can be inviting and beautiful or dark and bleak.

4) How has your friend Corey Ricketts helped you take your brand to where it is today? How much help has he been to your career?

A: He's the business guy. He takes care of all the day to day stuff which helps me focus on creating music and improving my craft. He also gives another perspective and pushes me to expand artistically.

5) Who would you say you try to emulate in your music? Who has inspired you in a way that makes you want to try and include bits and pieces of their style, if any?

A: I don’t try to sound like anyone other than me. Growing up listening to people like Kanye West has influenced my sound. People like Fabolous and Lloyd Banks has influenced my simile filled verses. Drake has influenced my subject matter. Really just a smash up of many different artists and genres.

6) What is your main goal when creating a new track?

A: First I just try to make something that is pleasing to the ear. No matter what a song is about I want the listener to just enjoy how it sounds. Once I make the beat and have a subject I write something thats true to myself. If I’m going through something bad, something good I just stay honest and put it in the song.

7) When can your fans expect to see you on the road?

A: This year we have been focusing on releasing music consistently and just reconnecting with the fans. I’m hoping to get back on the road early next year.

8) What do you have planned for the future? What's next?

A: This year I’m just releasing consistent good music. Next year touring. Maybe partnering with a label but nothing concrete yet.

9) As you know, we're from Toronto, have you tapped into the Canadian market yet? How hard was it and/or how'd you go about breaking into it?

A: Shoutout Toronto! I love the city, I got a chance to visit last year and it was one of the best cities I’ve ever been to. I definitely have Canadian fans. I think it just came in time and organically the same as the rest of my fanbase.I definitely want Toronto to be a stop on the next tour I do. It’s kind of a must.

10) How do you separate yourself from other artists?

A: Staying true to my sound. I pride myself on making music that isn’t “now” or trendy. I just try to make timeless songs.

11) Who would you like to work with in the future?

A: Eminem, Drake, J Cole, Kanye West, Chance the Rapper, Dre Dre, Q-Tip. All the people I named I would really want to work with them just to learn and see their process when creating.

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