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Win & Woo

1) What's the story behind Win & Woo? How did the two of you come together?

A: We met in college/ Illinois State University. Started Djing house parties and Greek functions and later picked up ableton. After college we started releasing music as Win and Woo :)

2) Tell us a bit about yourselves, where are you both from and how old are you guys?

A: Win is 27, Woo is 25 and we both grew up about an hour south of Chicago near Kankakee.

3) How do the two of you approach a track when producing something new? Do you guys always feel the same vibes or disagree sometimes?

A: Every song is different. We love to work with strong vocals then incorporate piano, guitar and organic sounds to start. We do disagree from time to time, but when the energy/tune is going in the right direction we are usually both on the same page. Most great songs come out in a session or two.

4) What kind of specific style would you say you guys have in your productions?

A: I guess you could say the blend between indy dance and pop at the moment.

5) What do you guys enjoy the most about working together?

A: We have been working together for 6yrs, so we dont sweat the small stuff and have already been through a lot together.

6) Where has been your favorite place to play so far? Why?

A: New York and Austin, Texas have been our favorite so far. The vibe for us in both of those cities has been more than welcoming. Excited to play so many new cities on the upcoming tour!

7) If you guys had to choose 3 artists to work with, who would you pick and why?

A: Chainsmokers - for the crossover between dance and pop they created and we have been following them since the beginning.

Odesza - everything about their production, brand, live show. Its where we strive to be.

Louis the Child - this one is kind of cheating because we have worked side by side with them for years. As our great friends, they have constantly pushed us.

8) What drives you guys to keep going and producing music/DJing?

A: So many things. At this point there is no turning back. We love what we do so much, we couldn't imagine a world without it. There is a void in our lives if music is not being made.

9) Your debut single 'Recognize' came out not too long ago, how did you guys come up with that track?

A: It began when we met Ashe. She is an amazing writer. She found us after our LTC remix then drove up from Nashville to start some writing sessions. We wrote many songs, but Recognize was the first.

10) What does Win & Woo have coming in the future? What should we and all your fans be on the lookout for?

A: Look out for more original music coming early december, festival announcements and make sure to check us out on our upcoming tour with Timeflies!

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