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Damaged Goods

1) Let's let everyone get to know you a little bit, how old are you & where are you from?

A: I was born and raised in Miami, Florida & I am 30 years old.

2) The first release on your soundcloud was 2 years ago, and now you've just released a remix with Ruby Rose & put out 'Where Do You Go' on Fools Gold. How would you say you've developed as an artist over the past 2 years?

A: My music is finally playable. I've learned a lot about mixing and engineering which has helped me out a lot, along with learning a lot about sound design.

3) What would you say your style or genre would be, if you had "one" at all?

A: I try to keep it fun, I almost never stick to one genre if I have to. If i had to choose what I like to play most it's the hard, wild festival sets.

4) How did your remix with Ruby come about & how was it working with her?

A: Well we've talked about working together for a while now and she mentioned lets remix something and see how it goes. I heard the 2 minds track and I immediately felt the joint love. The only problem was the drop wasn't hard enough toppled in clubs or festivals so I told her let's rework this. She's easy to work with and an awesome human overall. She ain't hard on the eyes either.

5) How do you go about deciding on an artist for your track & what stood out about Jesse that made you want him on 'Where Do You Go'?

A: For vocalists I usually go through and listen to their work in rotation and if it feels right I go with it. Jesse and I go way back and I've always been a fan of his work.

6) How did you get 'Fool's Gold' to become interested enough to release it?

A: I've been friends with A-Trak and Chromeo for many years and completed a few remixes for Fool's Gold. I pitched tracks in the past but the sound was not right for the label, however when I finished this one I knew it could work well.

7) How do you go about getting your remix to be an official one when you really enjoy a song and want to remix it?

A: It's really tough because of all the regulations Soundcloud has on bootleg music. The first step is to reach out to the artist and hope they have the time to listen to you. Building relationships with the artists also helps. That's how A-trak, Pitbull, and Grandtheft came along. Just me knowing them and bugging them for remixes. The Nero one was different, I did the remix then presented it to them hoping they would like it... and they did.

8) What lead you to wanting to produce full-time and made you want to produce/DJ for a living?

A: I have such a love for djing and playing music for the people. I've realized the only way to keep growing is to produce my own music and become my own artist. Who knows where that will take me, but it's definitely a stepping stone for playing larger platforms.

9) If you had to pick an artist right now that you'd want to collaborate with, who would it be and why?

A: Young Thug. He's one of the most creative artist out there right now, in my opinion, and has a really interesting flow. I'd really like to hear him on a deep house track, I feel like he would kill it.

10) If you had to pick your favorite artist right now, any genre, who would it be & what's your favorite song by them?

A: Must Die. He has one of the cleanest, most aggressive sounds out there right now. I couldn't pick a favorite because everything he puts out is better than everything else. I'd love to get in the studio with him.

11) What do you have planned for the future and when will your next release be?

A: I plan on growing as an artist and developing my own style and my own sound. There's no lack of new music in the near future I'm sitting on about 25 unreleased tracks so there's a lot coming when i don't know that parts usually not up to me. I plan on producing music till I die or win the lotto.

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