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1) Let's let everyone get to know you guys a little bit, how old are you and where are you both from?

Joachim: I'm 20 and grew up in Chile, South America. I came to Canada for University, but halfway through my Bachelor's degree at UBC I decided it wasn't for me and dropped out. Two years later we're here.

Stuart: I'm 23 and I grew up in Vancouver, BC. I'm currently studying Microbiology & Psychology at the University of British Columbia and have one year left.

2) How did the both of you get into producing and when did you start?

A: We met at UBC back in 2015, both of us had been producing since high school, somewhere between Gr. 11 & Gr. 12. Both of us have a background in music playing the piano and we just felt there was a larger spectrum of musical elements that you could explore with production, which was really what made us pursue it.

3) How did the two of you come together and decide to start 'FURY?'

A: We had been collaborating with our individual projects a year prior to FURY, we had always discussed creating a duo since our workflow and personalities meshed well. It was only in 2016 when we decided we wanted to take things to a higher level and commit fully to music as a career.

4) You guys are beginning to release tracks on major networks and have been getting a ton of support, does that drive you guys to continue to work together and how is it working with one another?

A: It's been pretty crazy seeing how fast things are moving, seeing our music get millions of plays on YouTube has been a dream come true for both of us. It keeps us motivated and pushes us to deliver the highest quality of music we can. We both have input in the creative process, however, Stuart usually drives when we are producing and I (Joachim) handle most of the marketing side of things.

5) Your latest release 'Fade Away' featuring Tallyn is getting a ton of support, how did you guys come up with the idea for this track?

A: We had been sitting on that project for about 2 years and was previously called 'Tempest,' but it was only half done. We decided to finish the instrumental and began looking for a new singer who fit the vibe. This is where we met Tallyn, and the second half of the song came together once we recorded her since the second drop includes a lot of vocal sampling.

6) What kind of style(s) would you guys say you produce and do you plan on sticking to one genre?

A: We’re heavily influenced by trap and future bass. Stuart has more of a glitch hop background and I (Joachim), come from a more big room & progressive house background. We’re making a lot of bass music but we’re not labeling ourselves under one genre or another.

7) Out of all the tracks you guys have made so far, which one have you enjoyed making the most?

A: That’s a tough one, we’d have to say the Mako remix since it was the track that really made things start moving for us. It came together organically and it’s the track that we’re proudest of so far. It was pretty crazy when Nathan (management) called us halfway through a session to tell us Mako loved it and wanted to release it as an official on Ultra Records. That day is one that we’ll never forget.

8) What can we see from FURY in the near future and what do you guys have planned?

A: We’re working on lots of new music, we have a lot of releases planned for the summer. Some trap, some future bass. There’s something for everyone. We have a couple collaborations in the works with some bigger artists as well as solo tracks.

9) Do you guys know what your next release will be yet? When can we expect it?

A: We have a trap original titled ‘Power’ dropping July 13th with our friends on Otodayo Records. It’s a free download as sort of a thank you for the support on Fade Away. We also have two collabs which will be dropping at some point this summer hopefully within the next couple months.

10) What encourages you guys to keep going & grinding through this process?

A: For us it’s seeing hard work pay off, and seeing how eventually we’ll get to the point where we can work on music full time and travel to different cities to perform. It’s an industry where hard work beats everything else so you have to keep that end goal in sight at all times. Ultimately you have to do what makes you happy and for us it will always be music.

Be sure to follow the guys behind FURY below.

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