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1) You're 16, you just won Borgeous' 'This Could Be Love' Remix Contest, just put out a track with your girlfriend and was asked again by Borgeous to remix his new track 'They Don't Know Us!' How does it feel to have all this recent success?

A: All this success is really overwhelming, but it's what I've been striving for. It's an incredible feeling knowing that my hard work is starting to pay off, and I'm super grateful for everything that has been happening.

2) How'd you get into producing and how old were you when you started?

A: I started producing when I was 12 years old just for fun. I wanted to produce because I've always loved music, especially making it. At the time, Skrillex was just blowing up onto the scene and it really helped inspire me to start making music electronically.

3) Where are you from?

A: I'm from West Babylon, New York.

4) Have you kept in contact with Borgeous since your remix?

A: Yeah, we talk pretty often. He's a great guy & he has been helping me a lot, which I'm very grateful for.

5) Do you have more tracks in the works and what's next for you?

A: I have a couple of tracks that are still in the idea stage, but I have huge things coming soon. I have one in particular that I'm SUPER stoked about, but I can't announce just yet. These involve some big collaborations, record label signings and tours.

6) Are you still in school? If you are, how do you balance producing and school?

A: Yes I'm still in school. It's a bit hard to balance school & producing, just because both take time & a lot of effort. I'm hopefully going to be taking homeschooling, which will give me a lot more time to focus on music.

7) Do you have any musical background?

A: I played the trombone while I was in Elementary school and the drums at home for fun, but other than that not really.

8) How'd you get into contact with your management FilthyDrops (Gian-Luca)?

A: He featured one of my early songs on his page and from there, we pretty much took off. He offered to manage me and I accepted. We've built a very strong relationship since, so I'm very happy we met.

9) What advice would you give to other upcoming producers who are trying to be heard?

A: For upcoming producers, I would really recommend to just put in your hours of hard work. If someone's goal is to be the next Tiesto, hard work, dedication, and passion will get you there. Never giving up on your dreams is also an important piece of advice. Every producer has to go through a journey of up's and down's, it's a matter of just staying dedicated and working hard.

10) How'd you get the name Ryos?

A: I use to play Xbox with a couple of my friends and my gamertag was 'Ryos' which my friend just started calling me. When I decided to start producing seriously, I thought of using the name 'Ryos' just because I thought it was a cool alias to have, and since some of my friends already knew me as that.

11) Last question, when did you find out that your girlfriend could sing?

A: I actually knew her as a friend before we started dating. We started to work on a version of Eclipse long before we even started dating.

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