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1) Let's let everyone get to know you guys a bit. Tell us a bit about yourselves and how you got into rap.

A: KSnS stands for Kitster (KS) & Sylla (S). We're both currently 21 years old & from Orlando, FL and Italy. We started rapping about 5 years ago when we were 15-16, we grew up in Costa Rica together, went to high school and kind of just began singing on instrumentals gradually until we got our own beats. We had to travel to the states a lot and make connections with different producers, it all came together over a long period of time.

2) Did any one specific artist inspire you guys to get up and say we can do this too?

A: We Have definitely been inspired by a lot of different artists & sounds from different areas, especially the West Coast & Atlanta styles at the moment. We try to listen to everything relevant and stuff that pops in the clubs as that's the music we try to stay focused on. Its always good to hear whats being played. As far as music we got inspired off of, I would say we grew up listening to a lot of 50 Cent, 2Pac, Biggie Smalls, Bone Thugs, Lil Wayne & Three Six Mafia.

3) What do you guys feel you bring to rap & what can you expect from a KSnS song?

A: From what we’ve seen so far coming from comments to people meeting us is that we are bringing a new, diversified sound to rap/hip-hop. We try our best to bring our audience a sort of club feel to every song, even if its a track about some real stuff we're talking about, we try to make sure the beats a banger for sure. That's how we would classify our music from other artists right now, you can always expect a very well produced track with a catchy hook and a possible feature.

4) Where do you guys look to get inspired when you're writing a new song?

A: Always try to get into your zone, we’ll sit in the studio & play the beat over & over again until we come up with some sort of hook, work with it from there then our verses, ad-libs etc. We always try to stay relaxed, if you get too frustrated on a track, start working on a different one and go back to it later.

5) What are your plans for upcoming releases?

A: We're currently working on 2 different EPs titled Role Models & Trouble Makers. You can expect Role Models to be out in the next 2 months or so, there is no official date at the moment.

6) Can you tell us anybody featured on it or when it will be released?

A: We will have the official release date soon and will be sharing it with all our fans. You can expect the tape to be on Livemixtapes, DatPiff, etc. As far as features, you can expect producers such as Dnyc3 (League Of Stars), Cassius Jay, Zaytoven, DJ Mustard, YearBeatz, Big Jerm, Young L Etc.

7) We recently shared your track 'Drop It' with DJ Mustard, how'd that come together?

A: We actually got that beat from Mustard about 3 years ago, it was when Rack City was starting to blow up and we were like “hey, we really gotta get a beat from him” and then we got his contact info, called him and linked up from there.

8) Do you guys have any tours or shows coming up?

A: We don’t at the moment, we're so focused on the EPs right now and being in Panama (Central America) we're just making sure we have everything all together before going back to the US. Right when we get back were planning on starting a tour to promote all our new material and build up our fan base.

9) How was it working with DJ Mustard?

A: Doing the track with DJ Mustard was a blessing thats for sure, it was a great experience to see how it is personally working with someone in the game and how it really pushes you to want to work harder, even though we got the track 3 years ago, it was definitely worth the wait, for us to mature and work on other tracks etc. you can expect some new stuff with us coming soon!

10) What are your long term goal as artists and where do you see yourselves going from here?

A: Our long term goal is to just keep putting out music for our fans, drop some albums and keep maturing as artists till we get to the point where we want to be. We see ourselves crafting our own independent label in the near future once we start to get our music at a different level, we also plan to start our own clothing line.

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