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Tom & Jame

1) How would you describe a 'Tom & Jame' track to someone who doesn't know you guys?

A: For us a Tom & Jame track always has to have high energy, groove and something unique. That's something we try to incorporate in every track that we release.

2) How did you get into producing?

A: We both started around the age of 14/15. Making all kinds of genres which resulted in to a lot of fun experiments. Around 6 years ago we started our duo and we started to develop our own sound. We've got the chance to make our work out of our hobby :)

3) How would you say your sound has developed from back in 2013 up until now?

A: We always like to make music we can play in our sets. We love to DJ and give people a real journey when we play live. Therefore we try to build in energy throughout our set. Playing the hard stuff from beginning to end doesn't help with that, so we started looking for other kinds of dope tracks that we can play at the beginning and in the middle of our sets. This resulted also in making our own tracks more suitable for our sets, so still high in energy but not the hardest out there anymore, more club friendly music.

4) How do you feel about the evolution of the EDM scene and how it's shifted away from 'Big Room?'

A: Big Room was of course the big rise of the dance scene, this also made it as big as it is nowadays. At one point the music became harder and harder and we think that's the point where people suddenly were only listening to super hard tracks and got bored a bit. Suddenly there came the rise of future house, which was more listener / club friendly. Big Room is still a big part of the EDM scene, but it's harder to innovate, as its been around for 6 years already.

5) Do you think the EDM scene will continue to find and develop new sounds or it's expanded as far as it can?

A: Yes as you always see with any music scene, it develops into new genres seamlessly. Nowadays you see more house vibes coming back to the scene, with acts like Fisher, Chris Lake. To name a few genres that developed in to the EDM scene: Tropical house, Future House, Future Bass, Bass House, Future bounce. These gave a new impulse to the scene and kept it interesting.

6) What is something that bugs you about the EDM scene?

A: Nowadays music becomes more of a snack, your fans really want it and want to have it fast, but when it's released they want something new again. The next week their new favourite track will be released. Tracks don't have that long special life span like back in the day because people are always longing for new stuff.

7) Where has been your favourite place to play so far?

A: We love touring the world, but one of the highlights for us was to be in Tokyo. This city was high on our bucket list, but every country and city has something of it's own!

8) You recently released 'No Hard Feelings' with Aemes. How did you come up with the idea for the track?

A: We're really happy with how the track turned out and that it's finally released. The idea for this track was to create some real summer vibes. So that means happy vibes in the melody and the vocal but also an energetic and uplifting drop! We've made this track around the same time we did the remix for Nervo's "What Would You Do For Love." It was a small idea which we laid down in the same project. A while later, we found this idea and build a whole track around it. We've had multiple vocals for this track, but they were all a bit too dark for the vibe we were looking for. The "No Hard Feelings" vocal really fit the vibe we wanted to go for and complimented the track in a really nice way!

9) What are your top 3 tracks that you guys have produced?

A: Most of our tracks are really important to us, otherwise we won't release it! But some of the tracks are extra special to us.

-Clap with Dannic - This was the collab that really made things happen for us. Hardwell played it a year long as his intro of his sets, that was super sick. We still love playing it because the hype is always 100%

-Rise (Like A Thousand Suns) - This track was made really quick because we were just so inspired. We remember jumping in the studio because we were so hyped to finish it. Also the support and love from everybody for this track is still really special too us! Hardwell premiered it at Ultra and the hype after that was crazy.

-Amigo - Club banger combined with catchy funky vocals. Love it!

10) What do you guys like to do outside of making music?

A: We both love to play Fifa and watch a good series. We've also started to enjoy fitness a lot just to keep the mind clear and keep your body healthy. Jame also really likes to take pictures and edit them.

11) What is one song that you never get old of?

A: Oh that's difficult. One of the classic that we'll never get rid of is Toto - Africa. this one always gets us. Also, Don't You Worry Child by the Swedish House Mafia has a special place in our hearts.

12) When can we expect the next Tom & Jame release?

A: We got a new track coming out on Future House Music somewhere in the coming months! It's been a busy year so far with already 6 releases and way more to come!

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