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1) How did you first get into making music?

A: Cafeteria freestyles. I got my first beat machine for high school graduation in '97.

2) Who are some artists who inspired your music style?

A: Aphex Twin. Kanye. M.I.A.

3) Describe your music style for people who may not have heard you yet.

A: Boundary-pushing rap and pop.

4) What was the inspiration behind your latest single 'Never Silent?'

A: This is a song about rebellion; about being young and free; about not giving a fuck. LIFEOFTHOM and I are both born performers, and we wanted to make something that felt 'big' enough to support our combined energy. Even though we revere each other's stage presence, the video shoot was the first time we'd ever set foot on a stage of any kind together. It was completely unrehearsed and undiscussed. We just turned it on from the moment the director said "action!"

5) What inspired you to bring the Yeezus type energy?

A: Yeezus is arguably the most important album of the millenium, and it's my favorite Kanye record. To me, Yeezus was the beginning of the unexpected collab era that we've been in for the last decade, and I think a me-and-LIFEOFTHOM collab, especially in the style of "Never silent." is pretty damn unexpected.

6) What's next for you as an artist as 2022 gets underway?

A: Drops! Drops! Drops! I've got an EP on the way with Rothstein for the stevexcooper project and releases with a bunch of artists I produce for, like ATO and sophiemarie b.

Follow stevexcooper:

Instagram - @xstevexcooper

Twitter - @stevexcooper

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