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Ryan Meeking

1) Tell us something about yourself that your fans may not know.

A: When I was a kid I failed the same music theory test twice - and the second time I’d had special tuition! It sucked. But later at college, I was one of three students that blitzed first-year theory, while everyone else had to re-sit both the classes and the exam. It wasn’t that I'd tried any harder, it was just the way I'd explored the ideas. I guess I cared more and the theory felt more necessary, useful.

2) Did pursuing your music career make you want to move from Australia to London?

A: Definitely. I love Australia. It was just time to join the Northern Hemisphere for a while.

3) How hard is it for the regular artist to help get traction in their careers?

A: Traction comes from three things - creation, collaboration and luck. If you can’t keep the first two up, it’s gonna be hard to make use of the third when it comes.

4) What's your studio process like when putting together a new song?

A: If I try for an overall description my process probably looks a little non-linear. Sometimes it’s a matter of staying on an instrument and hashing the song out in a traditional way before jumping into production. Other times I’ll fly back and forth between instruments and programming until a vibe takes hold. Since portable studios came along the process of songwriting has really changed and for my cohort it often includes sound design as an important part of the process, rather than a later step. It also very much depends on who I’m working with at the time. Everybody’s different, but it’s all music.

5) If you could have one feature for the rest of your career, who would it be?

A: Anderson .Paak

6) What motivates you to continue pushing in your music career?

A: Like any other artist, we do it because music and creation means everything to us. It’s visceral, more pull than push. The career is just a vehicle to more of it.

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