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Pierce Fulton

1) Tell us something about yourself that your fans may not know.

A: I very much enjoy coffee and obsess over making a great cup every day. It’s a fun daily ritual and I continue to explore the different tastes that come with beans from different regions. Currently enjoying Colombian beans with a bag of Ethiopian on deck. I have a ton more to explore.

2) What was it like blowing up onto the scene at a young age? How were you able to deal with it?

A: I am very thankful that I had the opportunity to start my music career very early. It was pretty crazy having it all begin while I was still a sophomore in college and I look back on it all with such fond memories. I’d say one thing I didn’t prepare for was the fact that when you’re younger, you have different tastes. And those tastes can change, and usually do between the ages of 18-28 that’s basically how long I’ve been making music because I’m 28 now and I definitely don’t make or listen to the same stuff I did when I was 18, but a lot of my early work came from me around 18-21 so it’s a reflection of what I was into at that time. Interesting to look back and see how it all progressed.

3) How would you say your sound has changed/developed over the years?

A: Well I’ve always listened to a lot of different music. And even when I started, at the very beginning, I was making completely random styles of music. My progressive house stuff just seemed to click with certain listeners at the time that I was making it. I’ve always tried to just make what I hear in my head and what I find interesting or challenging to make. I don’t really plan it out in terms of styles or goals, I just throw paint at a wall (in a musical sense) and see if there are ideas that I can pull from it. That’s why I’ve always continued to make different stuff and also why it’s hard to replicate something I’ve done before. 

4) Do you see yourself continuing to experiment with new sounds in the future?

A: Absolutely. It’s the only way I know how to make music that gets me excited. I always have to be trying something new or experimenting with new tools and techniques, otherwise I get bored. The joy I get from music is that excitement of the unknown. 

5) You dropped your album a few weeks ago. What was the inspiration behind it?

A: It was actually my quarantine project! I finished all 12 songs to kind of put my mind at ease while the whole COVID-19 pandemic was ramping up in America. The news and feeling of uncertainty really got to me sometimes so it was really nice to escape into these songs. They were mostly small ideas all sitting in a folder that I looked at and was like “I could finish these and it would form a pretty cohesive album”. So I did it. I also love listening to albums myself so I love making them myself, even though they’re not the most business savvy thing to do in music right now.

6) What has been your biggest obstacle with producing during COVID-19?

A: Not having life events or activities to break up my music making. Usually I crave all the free time I can get, and it’s been really nice during the pandemic, but I also know it doesn’t keep the motor going. Sometimes the best feeling in the world is being out in the world doing something you love or being somewhere that feels so good and in the back of your mind you say “this is so wonderful and I’m so excited to make music when I’m back home”. I miss that a lot. 

7) What was it like collaborating with Martin Garrix on Waiting For Tomorrow?

A: It was cool! He had been messaging me on Snapchat but I thought it was a fan account so I didn’t take it seriously. Then I had seen him in person and he was like “you keep ignoring my snapchats, I want to send you an idea to collaborate on” and I thought that was pretty funny. The whole song came together very easily, we just kept sending ideas back and fourth and the whole song was made in a few weeks. Then the vocal came in and it was a complete song!

8) If you could only have 1 collaboration from any genre for the rest of your career, who would it be?

A: Haha it would be my friend Gordon for our side project called Leaving Laurel because I know we can make fun tunes together already. Collaborating can be really tough for me when it’s not the right fit, but when you find someone that compliments your workflow and pushes you continuously, that’s the perfect fit. I should explore collaborating more but sometimes the process of testing the waters a bunch can be exhausting. I also really like doing my own thing more often than not.

9) Are you interested in any sports? If so, which ones?

A: I snowboard and skateboard a bit. Hoping to do more snowboarding this year if possible. I used to watch the Celtics in the Paul Pierce, KG, Rondo, and Ray Allen era which was the best. I haven’t been keeping up with a ton of sports but I still watch a lot of older snowboard videos for inspiration in my music.

10) Do you have a favorite athlete or team? 

A: When I watched sports, I loved the Celtics for basketball and Chelsea for soccer. I also really love this one snowboarder named Travis Parker. He has a really fun spirit and energy that was always refreshing in all the videos he was in.

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